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Hope for Congo purchases Bibles from the American Bible Society for $9.00 each and sells them through the churches for $3.00 each. To date 11,742 Bibles in four languages have been purchased and distributed among the churches: 1) Tshiluba, 2) Kikongo, 3) Chokwe, and 4) Lingala. Typically the Bibles are sold within a week of the church receiving them. The need is critical.

We are working to produce and print two other translations. For more current information on our work, please follow our blog posts. On the right-hand side of the link that opens, please fill out your email address. Our posts will be delivered straight to your inbox. Read more about our work on these posts: New Bible Translation and Bible Distribution Project.

H4C_15 Very few Congolese pastors own their own Bible. Imagine trying to lead a church without a Bible. Our hope is to provide a Bible for each graduate of Kalonda Bible Institute. The institute has a long history. Currently 41 students attend. Another benefit this institute provides is training/skill development in carpentry, sewing, and raising rabbits. These skills may help the students earn a living alongside their call to ministry. This year there are eleven graduates. Our graduation gift to each of them: a Bible and a Bible Commentary.

The “African Bible Commentary” is a product of the Sudan Interior Mission initiative to produce a Bible commentary written by 70 African Scholars. “The Bible Commentary attempts to relate the Scriptures and African cultures and in so doing to seek ways in which the gospel may be seen to be relevant to African cultures.”

The literacy rate for people in the Democratic Republic of Congo ages 15 and above is 67%.

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