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Two of the Congolese children we hope will benefit from our efforts to help the Congolese people.

Home. The word brings different memories and emotions to each individual. Regardless of what comes to mind that is where the heart returns.

Brad Graber (left) and Stan Graber (right) walking the airstrip at Njoko Punda.

Home is where the story of this site, Hope 4 Congo, begins. It starts with two brothers filled with such fond memories of home that they longed to return there.

But what if your new home is in another country? What if it’s an ocean away on a different continent? This site is being developed to honor the dream of some missionary kids on the continent of Africa, in the country of the Democratic Republic of Congo. If you’d like to read more of their story, click on the “About Us” tab on the menu above.



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Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you will consider the needs of the Congolese people.

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