Bibles for Congo Update

The following information is from a report
written by Rod Janzen, Exec. Dir. of AIMM

Hope 4 Congo seeks to supply Congolese language Bibles at affordable prices to congregational leaders   hfc bible sale 3and ordinary church members who attend Mennonite and other churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Need

In Congo, there are many local language Bible translations. Because of the large number, the Congo Bible Society does not have funds to automatically reprint each translation when a printing is sold out. Right now, a minimum printing is 3,000 Bibles, at $9 per Bible, for a total cost of $27,000. Congolese churches do not have the means to raise these funds themselves in order to supply their pastors and members with Bibles.

This means that many church members and even pastors are without a Bible, especially in rural areas.

Ps. Birakara sells Tshiluba BibleThe Solution

Hope 4 Congo is raising funds in order to reprint Bibles in the Kituba (Kikongo), Chokwe and Kipende languages, and to supply Tshiluba Bibles. These are four of the major languages of Mennonite church areas in Congo. The Bibles are printed and purchased at $9 per Bible, and sold to church members at $3 per Bible, making them more accessible to those who are struggling financially.

Bibles Already Supplied

  • Tshiluba Bibles: 2,800 have been purchased and sold at reduced prices in Tshikapa, Mbuji Mayi, Ndjoko Punda and elsewhere. Now, many more Tshiluba-speaking church members have access to the Word of God.
  • Kituba Bibles: 3,000 have been reprinted, and sold at reduced prices in and to the south of Kikwit.

Other Actions

  • Chokwe Bible: funds have been raised for a 3,000 copy reprint of this Bible. Once the Congo Bible Society verifies that the Chokwe translation is print-ready, funds will be sent and these Bibles will be printed, distributed and sold at reduced price in the Chokwe speaking area around Kamayala.
  •  Kipende Bible: it has been determined that this Bible needs to be revised before a reprinting. To prepare for the revision, the Bible has been scanned to create revisable computer files. A laptop computer has been purchased with this revision in mind. Currently a Congolese team is being recruited to do the revision.

You can help!
Send your contribution to:
AIMM, P.O. Box 744, Goshen, IN. 46527.
Indicate clearly that you are giving to Bibles for Congo.

©2015 Hope4Congo

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