Sports Camp Evangelism

Co (1)Bible Camp 2014 TshikapaToday’s guest post is by Dwight Short.

“When I offered to be part of the contingent celebrating 100 years of ministry in Congo, my goal was to interview as many people as possible who had known my aunt, Lodema Short. I also offered to Rod Janzen, Exec. Dir. AIMM, my past experience with sports ministry through FCA and thought we might organize something for young people. We were told yes to this initiative at first and later on we were told it would not be possible. I accepted that answer while in Kinshasa trying to make weight with all my luggage and left all of my personal sport equipment behind, and shipped the bags of sports equipment via another air freight service. When we arrived in Tshikapa, I barely sat down when a young man named Robert Irundu introduced himself to me and told me he was excited about doing a soccer clinic! So, right away I am sure God is working things out that we were not able to as mere humans.

“I believe sports is the greatest tool for youth evangelism that is available to us. Because of this soccer clinic that we did on the spur of the moment in 2012, Robert has diligently planned and organized sports and Bible camps in several areas of the DRC. He wants to do many more and has built a great rapport with other pastors to make certain when kids give their lives to Christ, they will have a place to go and grow in the Lord. We had 400 kids show up for the camp in Tshikapa, and the potential to touch thousands of kids is only being limited by the resources we can provide to train and send more coaches and pastors out to share the Gospel thru sports.”

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To support Sports Camp Evangelism Make your checks payable to: AIMM or Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission. Designate your donation to: Hope 4 Congo and indicate that you want your donation to be given to the Sports Camp Evangelism project. Click on this link, AIMM for further information and AIMM’s address. Thank you in advance for your support of this tremendous project.

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