African Medical Alliance 2015 Trip Summary

We want to give you more information about the African Medical Alliance trip to Congo March/April 2015. The following information is provided to us through Ron Brown.

Ron Brown with Tandala Hospital Surgical Staff

While living in the Congo, I met Dr. Dave Strycker and his wife Andrea. Dave is a dentist from Northern Indiana who sold his practice to serve God full time, first in Russia and now in Africa. For the past 18 months, I have been working with Dave as he created the African Medical Alliance, Inc. (AMA), a non-profit organization the mission of which is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by supporting healthcare needs in rural Africa.

 Mission of AMA / African Medical Alliance, Inc. is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the poor in areas of deepest poverty in rural Africa.
We accomplish this by working with like-minded organizations and individuals to identify and acquire resources to support and promote healthcare delivery in the areas of greatest need.
Specifically, AMA assists with the larger projects such as building construction, equipment, staff training, potable water, roads, electricity and community development.
Each year, thousands of patients come for treatment to rural hospitals and clinics across Africa. The ultimate goal of AMA is to share the gospel with each patient, then pursue the potential for church planting in the remote villages from which these patients come for treatment.

Purpose of the March/April 2015 Trip The Evangelical Free Church in the Congo (CECU) has asked AMA to join them in improving the quality of medical care administered at Tandala Hospital and the surrounding health zones they oversee in the Sud Ubangi Province. Also, the Covenant Church in the Congo (CEUM) has asked AMA to perform a similar evaluation at their hospital in Karawa and their associated clinics.

The purpose of the March/April 2015 trip is fourfold:

  1. Complete a site analysis needed to create a comprehensive plan from which individual projects can be identified, cost estimates developed and priorities set.
  2. Determine immediate and short term needs for continuing education for doctors, nurses and staff at Tandala so that a schedule for on-site teaching and mentoring can be established in Tandala.
  3. Meet with the of the leadership of the Tandala Bible Institute to help them plan additions to the curriculum to support a chaplaincy program for the hospital and a church planting program of study to accomplish the stated goals of evangelistic outreach and church planting.
  4. Meet with various organizations in Kinshasa related to establishing AMA as an NGO in the Congo; meet with the Ministry of Health; meet with leadership of the Protestant University Medical School and establish other relationships necessary for the ongoing work of AMA in the Congo.(see attached schedule)

My Responsiblities My role on this team of three will be to assist with the evaluation process, draft a master plan for the AMA leadership, prepare for discussions with the Tandala Bible Institute regarding the creation of hospital chaplaincy and church planting programs and assist with some translation.

While in Gemena, I will visit the prison and meet with the leaders of the prison ministry (MAVUCO) that we started when I lived there. (A group of folks at Parkway has been supporting that ministry for the past 18 months by providing Bibles and discipleship materials.) We have been working on a project to dig a well for the prison and there is a critical issue that needs to be discussed so this visit presents a timely opportunity for that ministry as well. (CECU and CEUM are also sponsoring churches for the prison ministry in Gemena.)

©2015 Hope4Congo


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