MAVUCO, Ministry to Gemena Prison

These photos were provided by Rod Brown as part of his trip in Congo last year. As you know, if you’ve been following us, Hope 4 Congo wishes to support other ministries to the Congo.

For more information view African Medical Alliance website:

MAVUCO is a prison ministry that was started when Rod Brown lived there.

The following photos were taken at the prison in Gemena, Congo. Paklawele faithfully ministers to the prisoners. God recently provided Paklawele with a bicycle to make his trips easier.


Paklawele, Rod, Dr. Embeke at Bible Translation Center

Here are members of the MAVUCO committee with Bibles for the prisoners at Gemena. Congo.MAVUCO.Com

Churches provide food and clean water for prisoners through MAVUCO.Congo.Church.Helps.Prisoners

Prisoners respond to God’s Word.Congo.Prisoners.Respond


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