Ordination Celebration

12038395_10153536063289473_3178813728685170601_n Jacque M. was ordained this past weekend. He served with Campus Crusade in the ’80-90’s, then worked with various evangelistic efforts, although he was never officially ordained. Recently he has been working with a few young churches located at the Bateke Plateau – some 100 kilometers from Kinshasa.

The Bateke people have been historically resistant to the gospel. However, in the past twenty years there has been an opening. Various evangelistic churches have seized upon this opportunity.

Jacque’s wife died of diabetes in 2007. He has raised his family alone. All of them share a deep vibrant faith and are already leaders among their peers. 12108302_10153536063974473_7726978943005479725_n

For some time now, Jacque has not had a consistent income. He and his family were living in a home in exchange for protecting the property while a large home was being built. The home is completed now and his family must move, but they have no place to go. Please pray for a home and that God will provide for their needs.


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