Spiritual Warfare

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved missionary stories, especially those miracles where good triumphed over evil.

Most of us resonate with the hero stories. We want the hero to win, but in order for there to be a victory there has to be a challenge–something to overcome.

At church we’ve been studying spiritual warfare for the past few weeks. Our studies have centered around putting on the spiritual armor discussed in Ephesians 6.

Through these weeks of study and application I’ve experienced stronger spiritual opposition. For instance: after I sent out the emergency information for Damien and Sylvie, I had technical difficulties with my computer. I kept praying for them, for this ministry, and for persecuted Christians on my prayer list. I continued to update and blog on this website.

Satan attacked my family next–not with machetes, but with anxiety and despair. Then my printer went on the blink. Then my husband’s health. Then my health. In the midst of this spiritual warfare, my workload increased.

The past two weeks I’ve been kept from accomplishing some goals for a conference this coming weekend. It all makes me wonder, why is Satan trying so hard to block my work? What is he afraid of?

God is bigger than all Satan’s tactics. It will be interesting to see what God does.

Perhaps you’ve had similar experiences. What has God done in your life?

In the comment box below, please tell us about some of the miracles you’ve experienced. We’d all love to rejoice over a good hero story.

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