CLCN, Participant Photo #12

Couple Rev. Muwawa BJBCouple Rev. Muwawa BJB. Love their matching outfits. May they be well-matched with God’s grace to carry out the ministry He has given them to do.

In addition to praying for this couple, please add these prayer requests for us:
1) We need to find reliable drilling equipment that will perform consistently in Congo
(This is so important. Congolese are often sick because of poor drinking water.)
2) It is difficult to get Visas into Congo at present. Please pray for a resolution to that situation. We had hoped to attend Daniel’s graduation.
3) Daniel graduates soon. Please pray that all details and finances come together for his expenses.
4) Dr. David will be at Daniel’s graduation even if we’re not able to attend.
5) While Dr. David is there, he will lead and teach on youth evangelism to a group of 100 youth leaders. We had also hoped to attend this. It will go on even if we’re not there. Please pray for Dr. David and all the details surrounding this important event. The youth are the future of Congo.

We appreciate your prayers.

© 2016 Hope4Congo

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