Faith and Action

A Word from Brad…

How often do we see someone or some situation that moves us to help yet just don’t know how or what we can do!

Our family evacuated Congo in 1964 along with many other missionary families. My brother and I returned for a visit in October 2007.

At the end of that visit we left Congo feeling helpless to help. We didn’t know how, when or where to begin.

Bible Delivery

The words of James came to mind: “Suppose you see a brother or sister who has no food or clothing, and you say, ‘Good-bye and have a good day; stay warm and eat well.’ ”

We knew we were going back to a life of abundance and warmth and food in America. We were leaving our brothers and sisters with only words and no observable action.

We were convicted that we needed to act. Out of this conviction Hope for Congo was born.

Since that time we have been blessed to provide safe drinking water, generators, carpentry tools, medical equipment, hospital beds, educational assistance, computers, Bibles and the list goes on. All this with monies received from caring individuals such as you who have heard of the need and have chosen to express your faith through the action of giving. Hope for Congo is simply a conduit, through which we, as people of faith, can move beyond mere words.

Tshikapa Well
Tshikapa Well

The needs continue. Our goal is to come along side our bothers and sisters adding action to our faith. Action that will help them become self-sustaining. Someone has said, “If you want to be used by God, find out where God is working and join Him.” Hope for Congo continues to join God at work among brothers and sisters in need.

We need to maintain a long-term view when it comes to living out our life of faith. Without this long view we find ourselves disappointed and disillusioned with God and with others. God’s work is ongoing, moving from the past through to the present and continuing on into the future.

During the next several weeks we want to share life stories of God’s long term work in Congo.

As I heard it said the other day, “Put your yes on the table and God will place it on the map.” Our desire is that these stories will move you to put your “Yes” on the table and watch God work.


Prayer Requests:
• Please continue to pray for the political situation in Congo
• Praise that Charles Buller & his team have returned from Congo (Hope to share news soon)

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