Dedicated to the People of Congo

This week’s blog post honors Michael Sharp and all the other Christians (missionaries and nationals) who have lost their lives laboring for the people of Congo.

We also honor Zaida Catalan (Michael’s fellow UN worker) and Betu Tshintela (their Congolese interpreter) who shared the same grave with Michael.

It is believed the three died because of their work to bring peace and justice to the people of Congo.

Please read the link for more insight into Michael’s life, motivation, and work:

Urgent Prayer Requests

  • Negotiations have broken down. The violence has increased for civilians including children, especially in south central Congo’s Kasai region which is home to many Mennonite congregations. Please pray for the people of the Kasai region. The situation is critical.
  • Pray for an end to the violence and greed. Only God can bring the balance of justice and grace that are so desperately needed.
  • Pray for the safety of those whose God-given work takes them into dangerous areas. May our Lord Jesus who made blind eyes see, make the seeing eyes blind of any who seek to do evil to His servants.
  • Pray that these recent deaths are not in vain. As God brought good out of the evil Joseph’s brothers intended for him, so may God bring good out of this situation. (Genesis 50:20)

Please pray with us.

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