Safe Drinking Water

Safe Drinking Water
by Brad Graber

How would you like to spend 3 – 5 hours of your day collecting water for your family’s use?

Several studies show that women who live in rural areas of Africa spend a quarter of their time just fetching water. Plus the water they collect is not always safe to drink.

Hope for Congo has collaborated with Fred Suter and his Congo Water Project to assist communities with access to nearby potable water so that women and children do not need to spend so much time and energy fetching water for daily use.

Fred worked closely with Hope for Congo at Ndjoko Punda to install a ram pump at a spring located down a hillside deep in the forest. With the pump installed and underground pipe laid, this provides water to a nearby hospital and the village. Not only is the water more accessible, it’s also safe to drink.

The ram pump has operated non-stop for three years. This spring Fred will make a trip to Ndjoko Punda to check on the operation and condition of the installation. We hope to improve the delivery system and the volume of water produced.

Fred has also trained a small group of young, strong Congolese to use a hand-auger kit to drill water wells (plus install a hand pump) to provide potable water in other Congolese villages. This local team also designs and constructs gutter systems for roof water collection.

Hope for Congo purchased the first hand-auger drilling kit. We would like to purchase additional kits and equipment. This would provide additional communities with access to safe water.

Hope for Congo’s Goals include:
• Raise sufficient funds to develop an ongoing well drilling program
• Develop and improve water collection systems
• Develop a routine maintenance program for the wells
• Develop community financial support for the water systems

It is only through your generous donations that Hope for Congo can continue to walk alongside our brothers and sisters in Congo and bring hope to their lives.

Safe drinking water is a critical health issue.

Your donations are tax-deductible.

Make your checks payable to: Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission or AIMM
Designate your donation to: Hope 4 Congo and please indicate which project you wish to support. Monies sent to our general fund will be applied where needed.

Send your U.S. dollar Donations to:
Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission or AIMM
P.O. Box 744
Goshen, IN 46527-0744

Send your Canadian Dollar Donations to:
Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission or AIMM
440 Main Street
Steinbach, MB R5G 1Z5


Thank you, Brad. Next week we will share the opportunities that exist through evangelistic youth soccer camps. Until then, please pray.

Pray Requests:
• Please pray about your involvement in Hope for Congo’s ministry.
• Please pray that a great awakening and revival would stir throughout Congo.
• Please continue to pray for peace in Congo.

© 2017 Hope4Congo



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