Congo Daily Life, Part 3

We are continuing Brad’s account of his trip to the DRC this past March.
The following is the third story in this series.

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During my visit to the southern Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, I enjoyed the company of my Congolese host.

One evening at dusk my friend and I went for a walk. I saw some children playing soccer while others looked on.

I hoped to interact with some of the bystanders, mostly children. We made our way down to the area where they were playing and I spoke with some of them.

The children always like it when you take their pictures. So I proceeded to take photos of them. It wasn’t long and we found ourselves surrounded by a larger group of older children and young men asking for food.

“Ndi ne zala.” I am hungry. Can you help me?

It was soon evident to my friend that we should leave immediately. If we did not, the situation could escalate and become more volatile.

We walked away. But they continued to follow us. It took some nearby police to help settle things down. This allowed us to separate from the crowd and go back to where we were staying.

Through these stories of my travel in Congo, I hope you sense the great need and desperation of the people.

Please pray for relief from the hunger.
Pray for safety and for healthy ways to obtain or grow food in Congo.

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