March 25, 2020

Corona Virus in the DRC

Like the rest of the world, Congo is taking measures to mitigate the spread of the corona virus.
• International flights are shut down.
• Stores, churches and schools are closed.
• Food sources open, but supplies are limited.
• Prices are doubling and tripling.
• Drivers have jacked up prices for transport.
• Lack of transportation restricts access to food supplies.
• Changes occur daily and sometimes hourly.
• Cases of corona virus: As of Monday (3/23/20) 36 confirmed cases, including two deaths.
• As with other news in the DRC, the challenge is to determine the accuracy.
• Monetary assistance from WHO (World Health Org.) is tied to properly documented reports.

Another difficulty is that some people do not believe there is a new disease.

Drill Arrived

Praise the Lord! Our drilling equipment arrived safely at Ndjoko Punda. This is a big deal. We are one step closer to offering the people safe drinking water.

It traveled from L.A. to Matadi via ocean freight, but was lost for a time in Matadi. After searching 4-6 weeks, it was found in a warehouse, then transported by truck to Kinshasa and from there by river transport to Ndjoko Punda.

Such is the common story in the DRC. It’s a far cry from what we expect (or demand) here in the U.S. We can track our shipments and see where they are—sometimes on a daily or hourly basis. Not so in Congo.

Prayer Items

Praise and thank the Lord with us today for:
Keeping the drilling equipment safe and delivering it to Ndjoko Punda.

Pray for the people of Congo.
May they be alert to health safety. May they find adequate food. May they remain calm.
May the Christians be a witness. In their speech and behavior may they exhibit Christlikeness.

© 2020

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