Legacy of Love

As previously stated, our current series regards the beginnings of this ministry. Last week we told you how Chief Baditu grabbed the hand of God. Below is the next installment in the series.


Our Father’s Legacy
by Brad Graber

Harold Graber, known as Muambi Maoyila to the Congolese, did many things during his time in Congo. He was a peacemaker, warrior, missionary, pastor—a fisher of men as God instructed him to be. He learned how to fish from the best fisherman of Galilee. His name was Jesus Christ.

Like all good gospel fishermen, Harold taught with words and actions. We, his children, were some of those caught in the net.

Our father’s love for Congo became our love for Congo. His love caught us and in turn, we caught his love for the country and the people.

In 1964, due to the political unrest, the decision was made to move our family back to the United States. This was a big disappointment for both our parents and us children. The family evacuated from the city of Kananga (Luluabourg) in the early morning hours on a UN plane from the Kananga airport.

After our return to the United States, family conversations around the dinner table always involved our memories of Congo. Our love ran deep.

Over the years, we talked about a return visit to Congo. “Someday,” we always said.

“Someday . . ..”


Thank you, Brad.

Join us as we continue Hope4Congo’s story in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can read about some of Brad’s childhood on the tab above. Click on: Growing up in the Congo”

And as always, we ask you to pray for the people of Congo.

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