The Power of ONE Bible

Today I will share a testimony I received from another ministry. Their ministry also sends out Bibles like we do. They shared a photo of over 50 women, men, and children. All of whom came to accept Christ as their Savior. All of them did so because of one woman, who became a believer after she received one Bible.

The power of ONE. One woman. One Bible.

Below is a brochure with all the details of what Hope4Congo hopes to accomplish through a Micro Print-On-Demand system. Print On Demand or POD technology allows prints of single or small quantities. Please read through the brochure and consider what part you will play to place a Bible or Christian literature into the hands of ONE.

Through this technology, Hope4Congo can put a Bible and/or Christian Literature into the hands of many more than one.

Imagine what God will do through all those witnesses.

In addition to the brochure, here is a link to watch:

Note: if YouTube forces you to watch a commercial first, click on “skip the commercial” when the dialogue box opens. Then you’ll be able to watch the Micro POD technology make ONE book from start to finish.

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