An Exciting Plan

How would you survive and grow spiritually with no Bible?
And no access to Christian literature?

Hope4Congo has a plan!

We are excited to share developments for Print On Demand (POD) technology. We last reported on this POD project in an August 7, 2021 blog post titled, Rare Luxury.

The POD system has many benefits. It . . .
-Empowers Congolese people to print Bibles and books
-Creates jobs for Congolese people
-Promotes literacy among Congolese people
-Engages believers in growth through personal discipleship
-Provides culturally relevant resources to enhance community development

Because all printing is done locally, there is . . .
-No need for books to be printed until they are purchased
-No inventory to be maintained
-No complicated or costly shipping arrangement to be made

The three-year business plan for this project is created to be sustainable for years to come. The Print On Demand Media Center will be established in Kinshasa, DRC’s capital city. It will be a Congolese-led operation. Our goal to start the POD project is $60,000. The plan requires an additional $56,000 over the next three years to ensure success.

Primary ministries working together on this project:
Hope for Congo (Hope4Congo), African Enterprises, and Synergie Francophone (formerly known as BLF or Bibles and Literature in French).

Additional funds came through two grants:
Tyndale Foundation and Schowalter Foundation.

$60,000 was needed to begin the POD project.
$46,000 has been raised thus far.
$14,000 is all that is left to raise.

Only $14,000 is needed to purchase and ship the equipment. Then we can begin operations in the DRC. Now that . . . is exciting news!

Your prayers and donations will help implement this project for the people of Congo.

Designate your gift to the POD project and send your donations to:
Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission (AIMM)
P.O. Box 744
Goshen, IN 46527-0744

You can also make an online donation:


On a More Personal Note:

Hope4Congo’s mission is to bring hope to the DRC’s next generation of believers.

I have been blessed to write for this mission. However, my life circumstances have changed due to health concerns for myself and other family members. I will be stepping away from my position as the H4C website administrator.

My heart goes out to our Congolese brothers and sisters who have such limited access to Christian Literature. I hope your heart does as well.

The POD system is a wonderful opportunity to help the people of Congo.

Join those of us who support this project with our monies, our time, and our prayers.

May our Lord continue to bless this ministry!
Sincerely, SuZan Klassen

© 2022 Hope4Congo. All Rights Reserved.

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