Hope for Congo News Update

“The parched ground will become a pool” Isaiah 35:7

Hope for Congo is celebrating its 15th year, “Providing Hope to the Next Generation.”  Our mission is to provide the next generation with tools and resources that will strengthen the body, mind, and soul.

As we make our plans God is directing our steps.  Hope for Congo wants to share with you the direction God is taking us right now. 

  1. Hope for Congo along with our collaboration group have purchased the equipment for the Print on Demand Media Center which will be located in Kinshasa, the city capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.   

God provided the means and the opportunity to buy a new system that was already in the DRC!  This system was at a savings because it was already in the country thus saving us freight and customs.  God is good and we praise him for his faithfulness.

  • Hope for Congo has purchased 320 Bibles from Oasis International.  These Bibles are a part of the very first printing of the long-awaited French edition of the Africa Study Bible.  They are in the process of being shipped via ocean freight to Congo in anticipation of the initial launch of the Africa Study Bible in the DRC.
  • Following the completion of our first water well in Ndjoko Punda we have transported the Village Drill equipment to Mukedi in anticipation of digging our second well.  Materials are being purchased in Kinshasa and once they arrive in Mukedi we will begin the well digging process.  A team is on the ground to begin the site preparation.

You can participate in several ways.

  1. Prayfor God to direct our steps in the establishment of the POD Media Center.  We are targeting the first of the new year to begin the equipment set up and training of staff.
  2. Pray …for continued needed funds for the operational startup of the POD. 
  3. Pray …for the launch of the Africa Study Bible.  Celebrations and training events are being planned for three major cities.  Hope for Congo will participate in these events.
  4. Pray…for the Mukedi water drilling.  Pray for safety, access to adequate supply of water and for the management of the well system once completed.
  • Donate by writing a check and mailing it to:

AIMM-Hope for Congo

P.O. Box 744

Goshen, IN 46527-0744

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Working Together for His Kingdom,

Stan and Brad Graber

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