Long Awaited Moment

A long awaited moment arrived this past Thursday for the community of Ndjoko Punda in the DR Congo.

Hope for Congo has persevered for two plus years to purchase, deliver and gather together a team to drill one of hopefully many wells to come.

We praise God for His faithfulness.

Psalm 91:2 says, “This I declare about the Lord; He alone is my refuge, my place of safety, He is my God, and I trust Him.”

Many of you have donated to this project. We want you to share in the same joy and anticipation that the Church and community of Ndjoko Punda are experiencing this week.

The first day of drilling resulted in 32 feet. Friday and Saturday went slower as they drilled through a substrate of rock.

The anticipated depth to water is 180 feet.

Pray that God would provide both the physical water that is desperately needed and the Water of Life, which offers an eternal hope.

Thanks for your prayers and support. Enjoy this short video:

Working Together for His Kingdom,
Stan and Brad

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Ndjoko Punda Primary School

Even though it has been a challenging year, progress has been made on several projects. In these photos you can see the progress on the primary school construction. The school is 95% complete with full completion scheduled for the first quarter of this year of 2021.

300 Desks are needed. Cost is $25.00 per desk. $7,500 Total cost.

Please consider donating toward the completion of this project. 100% of your donations go toward our projects. Make checks payable to AIMM,and designate your gift to Hope4Congo for this school project at.

Send your tax-deductible U.S. Dollar Donations to:
Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission (AIMM)
P.O. Box 744
Goshen, IN 46527-0744

We thank you for your participation in this school. We’re excited about what God will do in 2021.

As always, your prayers for these projects and the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo are appreciated.

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Update on Farm to Market Project at Ndjoko Punda

by Brad Graber

The Farm to Market Project began in January 2018 at Ndjoko Punda under the leadership of Joseph Mbuyi. The purpose is to help alleviate the food crisis in the Kasai through community food production.

The participation of young people is important to the long-term success of the project. Youth will learn through hands-on practice about market gardening and animal breeding principles. Not only will they contribute significantly to the church and their community through their efforts, but they will also grow leadership skills.


We began this project through the purchase of:
• Basic agricultural equipment
• Supplies to build rabbit hutches, fencing,
and corralling for other breeding stock.

• Vegetable seed to plant


As you can see from the photos, the team’s hard work, perseverance, and commitment have contributed to the current successes.

Proceeds from the sale of livestock: rabbits, chickens, pigs, etc. will be used to finance on-going agricultural activities, contribute to the local economy, and raise the standard of living, health, and wellbeing of the local community.

Hope for Congo is motivated to invest in the next generation. We want to provide tools and resources to move the next generation forward.

You, our Hope for Congo donors, and the Schowalter Foundation provide funding for this project. Your continued prayers and donations will help Hope for Congo and our partners at Ndjoko Punda continue this effort. We hope it will grow beyond Ndjoko Punda so they will take what they have learned and share it with other communities.

Donations may be sent to Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission.
Designate your gift for: Hope4Congo’s Farm to Market Project

Mail your tax-deductible US Dollar Donation to:
AIMM (Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission)

1013 Division St.
P.O. Box 744
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Mail your tax-deductible Canadian Dollars Donations to:
440 Main Street
Steinbach, MB R5G 1Z5

You can also make an online donation at:

On AIMM’s web page, click on the donate tab.
Below the $0.00 Click on the phrase:
“Add special instructions to the seller”
In the area that opens, please note you wish your gift to be
given to Hope4Congo and tell us where you wish your
donation to be used: Farm to Market, Bible, Medical, etc. or wherever needed most.

Thank you for your help and prayers for the people of DRC. We are all volunteers here at the Hope4Congo ministry. No one receives any compensation. Your tax deductible gift goes directly to support the work for the Congolese people.

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Humanitarian Crisis in the Kasai

Support Team Providing Meal for H4C’s Farm to Market Team Workers

by Brad Graber

Political unrest has resulted in starvation
in the Kasai region of the DRC.

The average price of a big Mac meal at McDonalds is $5.99. I bought two cheeseburgers, fries and coke the other day for $4.89. I am able to satisfy my hunger as it arises each day. Unfortunately, there are many parts of the world where that is not true.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of those places. Many experience gnawing hunger as an everyday occurrence. It is especially severe in the area known as the Kasai.

Political unrest has devastated communities, families and individuals, resulting in starvation. Fields have been ruined, two planting seasons have come and gone. Homes have been destroyed and many people remain in hiding. Recent estimates indicate as many as 1.3 million people have been displaced in this area adding to the already 2.0 million people from other areas of the country.

Organizations such as the UN and MCC Relief are beginning to provide relief, but the need is great and the opportunity to reach all the communities is not possible. The more rural areas continue to be at risk.

Through Hope4Congo’s ongoing twelve-year relationship with the more rural community of Ndjoko Punda we are able to help. We have provided tools and resources for a group of individuals (our friends and fellow workers for Christ) who are hard at work planting new crops and raising farm animals such as rabbits and pigs for meat.

Our goal is to replicate these efforts throughout the community
so that both the present and the future food needs are met.

We are asking for your assistance in this effort.

For $10 dollars a day we can provide nourishment for 15 to 20 of our friends who are working hard to counteract the devastation in their community. Your commitment of $10, 20 or $50 per month will help these men and women, young and old to minister to their communities in the name of Jesus Christ and live out the gospel each day.

This link provides a firsthand account of the suffering in the Kasai.

Dinner Break for Farm to Market Team

Donations can be sent to Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission.
Designate “Food fund” on your gift. Mail your gift to:

AIMM (Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission)
1013 Division St.
P.O. Box 744
Goshen, IN 46527-0744

You can also make an online donation at:

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Daniel and Joseph Return Home

by Brad Graber

Joseph (L), Daniel (R) crossing the Kasai by canoe.

After spending the last six years in Kinshasa, Daniel and Joseph returned home to Ndjoko Punda as “rebuilders.” While away from home, all their time was spent in preparation for their return. They furthered their education, faced many challenges, participated in a local church in Kinshasa, and waited patiently for God’s timing.

Today in Ndjoko Punda they quickly engaged with the people to help rebuild and restore the larger community. They assisted the church and community with ongoing projects and began additional projects.

Both young men are serving God with spiritual passion through their specific talents. Daniel has been trained in theology. He is gifted in areas of teaching and evangelism. Joseph has great technical skills and can fix about anything.

Sewing Class, 2 machines/40 women

At the present time, Daniel has focused on the establishment of a sewing school for the women of the community. The local hospital provided classroom space for the school.

Forty women from several area churches signed up. Some come as far as twenty kilometers away to attend the school. The wife of Ndjoko Punda’s medical doctor has the training and the skill to teach these sewing classes.

Hope for Congo purchased two sewing machines for the school. However, due to the response there is an immediate need for another eight machines.

Garden Beds Prepared

Joseph’s first job was to repair the hospital generator. Since he made it operational again it has provided electricity for the hospital. He helped to provide electricity to other community buildings, too.

Joseph also began an agronomy and animal husbandry program utilizing interested people. The photo on the left shows them preparing garden beds for planting. Seeds have been purchased, too. Goats and poultry have been obtained to begin the breeding program.

Daniel and Joseph are involved in the local church through music, teaching, and evangelism. Because these two young men represent the next generation of leadership they give the people hope for the future.

Guesthouse on the left. Entry road to the mission ends at the church. This road and several others are being repaired.

The children in the featured photo (at the top of this article) are carrying bricks to repair the guesthouse. A major storm damaged the outside walls. This guest house (formerly known as Dr. John Zook’s house) is being renovated to include a sewing classroom. Hope4Congo has contributed money towards the installation of windows and doors.

Hope4Congo will continue to provide periodic reports and updates on the progress being made at Ndjoko Punda. Your prayer and financial support have made this happen, and we encourage you to continue to support these two young men as well as Hope4Congo as we look to expand our efforts.

© 2018 Hope4Congo

Making an Impact

Making an Impact
God’s ways are above our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. We make our plans but God directs our steps. Below is a partial list of how God has expanded the efforts of Hope for Congo over the last eight years.

Hope for Congo is . . .

Invested in Projects
• Bible Distribution (10,000 Bibles to date)
• Safe Drinking Water (Ram pump supplies water to Ndjoko Punda and the hospital)
• Hand Drilling Equipment
• Training for Well Drilling
• 20 Hospital Beds
• Medical Equipment
• Tools for 4 Technical Trade Schools


Invested in People
• Academic Assistance for 8 People in Post-secondary Education
• 2 Young Men Completed Education & Ready to Serve God
1. Joseph trained in areas of mechanical and electrical technologies,
He also studied agriculture and animal husbandry
2. Daniel received a degree in Theology from the Protestant University
He has the gift of evangelism
Both young men have said yes to God
They return soon to invest their time, energy, and skills back into the community
They will represent and assist Hope for Congo directly with projects in Ndjoko Punda

Invested in Healthy Partnerships
We have been blessed through collaboration with these groups:
• Church in Congo
• Congo Collaboration Group
Our goal is to continue these relationships and to expand our collaboration to include other faith-based organizations. Together we can create an even greater impact over a larger geographical area and population.

You Can Partner with Hope for Congo . . .

Our Congolese brothers and sisters our able to work for themselves. What they need are tools and resources to help their community move forward in areas of agriculture, community health, education and jobs that will enable them to break the cycle of poverty.
You can help the Congolese move forward and bring hope to the next generation.
Over the coming weeks we will expand on the details of this initial outline. In the meantime please consider how you may support the people of Congo through your donations and especially through your prayers. We are asking for your help.

Prayer Requests:


  • Ndjoko Punda – May Christ intervene in this horrific situation.
    Reports indicate battles rage between the military and the militia. People are in hiding.
  • Pray for peace.
  • Pray for an end to the evil that is causing the violence and greed.
  • Daniel and Joseph planned to return to Ndjoko Punda.(Photo above is from their commitment ceremony at the Kinshasa church, their church family throughout their education and training while in Kinshasa) Hope4Congo was able to return them safely to Kinshasa. Praise the Lord. Pray for their safety in Kinshasa where they will remain for the near term. Pray for the safety of their Kinshasa church family as well.
  • Pray for wisdom and safety of all Christians working in Congo to Change this Powder-Keg Atmosphere

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