Why Do We Keep Going Back?

Charles Buller explained it well, “It’s what we do!”

The work in Congo is never ending and progress is slow according to western standards, but like the Energizer® Bunny, we keep going and going.

The Congo Collaboration annual meeting took place at Silverwood Mennonite Church, Goshen, Indiana, August 11-12. Our group is made up of about twenty individuals who are committed for the long haul. We have seen and experienced change and growth since we first came together in 2008. We praise God for the way He continues to go before us both individually and collectively.

Collectively, we have helped in these ways:
• Congolese women are provided with access to clean water
• Surgeries are performed and hospital staff encouraged
• Tools and resources are provided
• Bamboo bicycles developed to transport goods to market
• Sports camps for youth
• The Life and ministry of local churches is strengthened

We work with and through the Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission. AIMM serves as a conduit for each of us to work with the various Congolese church bodies represented under its umbrella.

The objective in meeting as a Collaboration Group each year, is to encourage one another unto love and good works. We are about doing Kingdom work alongside our brothers and sisters in Congo. We come together to hear about what God is doing through each of our respective areas of involvement, and look for opportunities where we can work together. We always look out for each other and continue to develop a broader network of contacts beyond ourselves.

Our meeting this August began with a full on Congolese meal, stories and laughter. It concluded with a continued commitment to collaborate with each other where and when we can. We agreed to “put our Yes on the table and let God put it on the map.” (Ed Stetzer, Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism)

In addition we committed to:
• Initiate a quarterly Skype communication session
• Revisit the need to develop a more robust communication infrastructure with our Congolese partners
• Seek out and evaluate more cost effective options for transportation and shipping, both personnel and supplies
• Encourage Congolese representation at our next meeting

We at Hope4Congo want to step up our involvement in Congo. To do this, we need to make more frequent trips to Congo. Also, more funding is needed to address the daily challenges for tools and resources both for the Church and the Communities where we have developed ongoing one on one relationships.

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By God’s Spirit and power we are working to turn the parched ground into a pool. Isaiah 35:7
Prayer Requests:
1. The potential for upcoming elections in DRC has caused a tenuous political environment. Please pray that cooler heads would prevail in any political dialogue. May God grant wisdom and bring peace to Congo.

Albert & Abertine
Albert & Abertine

2. Charles Buller (CLSN) requested prayer for Albert and Abertine Mulamba (tremendous members of their Congo Coaching team) as they travel by motorcycle to minister in remote areas of DRC. They hope to initiate a church plant among the Batwa people. Pray for their protection on this arduous and dangerous trip. May God bless their work and grant them success.

3. Requests for more Bibles continue to come to us here at Hope4Congo. It is one of the primary needs we began this ministry to address and it continues to be our greatest area of concern. To date Hope4Congo has purchased a total of 9,750 Bibles in three languages. Please pray for all the details surrounding this effort: accurate translations, logistics, etc. So that God’s WORD will be in the hands of His people. Once it’s in their hands and they can read it, God will accomplish what He desires and achieve the purpose for which He sent it (Isaiah 55:10-11).

Look for an update on the status of Hope4Congo’s Bible project in coming weeks here on this website. Want to reach us? Fill out your contact information using this link.

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Naomie’s Testimony

unknownNaomie Tite Kangu Kangu is another one of the youth Hope4Congo has been supporting. She was born at the Kalonda (an old missionary station), Tshikapa on December 2, 1994. Today we share her testimony:

“I began to serve God when I was very young under the supervision of Dr. David. I was a chorister in the choir. His wife, Bebesh was our director. I am a born again Christian. I continue to serve my God in worship and praise.

“My family situation is the sad page in my life; I do not know my biological father. My parents divorced while I was still in my mother’s womb. My father took my older brother and I, of course, stayed with my mother. So I have a brother and a biological father I do not know.

“I finished my primary education at the Ndjoko Punda primary school and started school at the secondary institute of Ndjoko Punda. From there I went to Kinshasa to finish my education.

“I thank my God that he put Dr. David alongside me. Through his guidance and support I was able to complete my primary and secondary studies. As I came to embrace the university studies, I had great financial difficulties. Dr. David was trying to support me financially, but the money did not make it because of the crisis in Angola.

“My goal is to complete my university studies in computer management in order to help our community. My studies are in translating literature, especially in translating English into the various African dialects and vice versa. I had to stop my spoken English classes on the second level. I still have one level to finish.

“I am so grateful for the enormous service you men (Stan and Brad) have provided to us and the other youth you plan to support. May God continue to protect you.”

* * *
Your continued support of Hope4Congo allows us to help these youth financially so that this next generation will receive the necessary training to carry forward the work of God’s kingdom. Please help us multiply the ministry.

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3. Pray regularly for these young people. Who knows what God longs to do through their lives?
Your prayers could have a dynamic role in their current training and future ministry.

4. Pray also for Dr. David and his wife. It is through their faithful commitment and heart for the youth
that we have received discernment regarding which youth to support.

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Leadership Support Network Newsletter 2014-15

My apologies to you, our Hope4Congo readers, I am late with this week’s post. I’ve been struggling with a cold and my brain is in a fog. Plus I’ve had technical problems with my computer–more about that in a future post.

The usual posting day for this website is on Thursdays. Recently there have been additional items to include on our website. Therefore I’ve posted twice / week, on Tuesdays as well as Thursdays. That won’t always happen.

The Cong10682407_10152627774139473_4340179845760257057_oo Leadership Support Network has had a productive year. Charles Buller recently published a One Year Review Newsletter. Here are a few highlights or as Charles aptly wrote, God Signs:

In September 2014 AIMM made room in their limited office space for Charles to begin the vision for the Leadership11246263_10153183593794473_1733209414427768500_n Support Network. Fund-raising and vision framing began and were successful. In November 2014, Charles met with Congolese brothers to discuss and identify core values to under gird the ministry. In March 2015 an ambitious three-week Congo visit included preaching in churches, traveling to Tshikapa with Leonard to present the vision, and a 1000 km trek with Albert across south-central Congo to visit church leaders and communities.

As you can imagine a lot of work went into translations of literature and location logistics for the seminars. Many wonderful God signs there included cooperation among other ministries in Congo. Praise God for how he organized all this through his willing servants!

All that preparation and planning led up to the two seminars this year. If you’ve been reading this website regularly you already know about the success of those. Again, we praise God that leaders 11947497_10153469823959473_4444987339093765441_nhave12022520_10153497072834473_3982604055302065183_o been equipped to go and help train other leaders.

Please pray for continued networking to train, develop, and encourage the Congolese leadership.

©2015 Hope4Congo

Damien and Sylvie

Damien and Sylvie, photo by Simplice Mbamvu via Congo Leadership Support Network

Praise God for the generous outpouring of financial gifts to AIMM for Damien and Sylvie. These gifts are also part of the healing process for them.

Please continue to pray for their complete healing. Damien is receiving good care. As mentioned previously, quiet and rest are essential for healing of brain injuries.

©2015 Hope4Congo

Disrepair in Congo

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This old hospital building illustrates the disrepair at the former Ndjoko Punda mission station

This week Stan gives us special insight into some of the reasons things are in such disrepair in the Congo and the concern this represents.

“I’d like to explain why the Congolese don’t fix things—no one has the money to fix these things and the people with the skills to do so are dying off. The youth are not learning these skills. It’s one of the reasons we’re interested in providing AIMM vocational schools to teach these needed vocational skills. This is so important.

“The youth are more interested in earning quick money through diamond mining to get rich. One of the women in the church said, ‘Our youth are giving up food for diamonds.’

“This is very sad for their culture in the long run and desperately dangerous for the Congolese youth. Many die in their quest for diamonds. Their techniques and tools are primitive. The youth dig in river banks or they will dig a thirty foot deep pit with a three to twenty foot diameter opening. At the bottom of the pit they may tunnel sideways. Tie a rope around their waist and lower down into the hole. If they tunnel sideways the tunnel walls may collapse on them. They also drown while diving for diamonds.”

Thank you for helping us to understand the situation, Stan. Of course we know there are diamond mining companies that provide more advanced tools for their workers. That would be safer. However, the point is that the youth are going after a quick buck rather than developing a skill or a trade that would provide them with an income and be a service to their country.

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Congo Leadership Support Network

As we’ve mentioned previously, we here at Hope 4 Congo are dedicated to keeping you informed regarding other ministries to Congo.

If you’ve looked through our site, you know that any dollars you give to Hope 4 Congo go directly to fund the project you’ve indicated when you designate your donation to Hope 4 Congo. You will also have noted that we ask you to make your checks payable to: AIMM, Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission. They make certain that your gift goes exactly where you’ve indicated.

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