Naomie’s Testimony

unknownNaomie Tite Kangu Kangu is another one of the youth Hope4Congo has been supporting. She was born at the Kalonda (an old missionary station), Tshikapa on December 2, 1994. Today we share her testimony:

“I began to serve God when I was very young under the supervision of Dr. David. I was a chorister in the choir. His wife, Bebesh was our director. I am a born again Christian. I continue to serve my God in worship and praise.

“My family situation is the sad page in my life; I do not know my biological father. My parents divorced while I was still in my mother’s womb. My father took my older brother and I, of course, stayed with my mother. So I have a brother and a biological father I do not know.

“I finished my primary education at the Ndjoko Punda primary school and started school at the secondary institute of Ndjoko Punda. From there I went to Kinshasa to finish my education.

“I thank my God that he put Dr. David alongside me. Through his guidance and support I was able to complete my primary and secondary studies. As I came to embrace the university studies, I had great financial difficulties. Dr. David was trying to support me financially, but the money did not make it because of the crisis in Angola.

“My goal is to complete my university studies in computer management in order to help our community. My studies are in translating literature, especially in translating English into the various African dialects and vice versa. I had to stop my spoken English classes on the second level. I still have one level to finish.

“I am so grateful for the enormous service you men (Stan and Brad) have provided to us and the other youth you plan to support. May God continue to protect you.”

* * *
Your continued support of Hope4Congo allows us to help these youth financially so that this next generation will receive the necessary training to carry forward the work of God’s kingdom. Please help us multiply the ministry.

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4. Pray also for Dr. David and his wife. It is through their faithful commitment and heart for the youth
that we have received discernment regarding which youth to support.

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