Meet Robert Irundu

The following edited excerpts are taken from Charles Buller’s Congo Leadership Support Network December 2015 newsletter.

Robert Irundu is the youngest member of the coaching team. A passionate leader, he plays a significant role in the life of the Mennonite Community (CMCo) as pastor, community organizer, businessman, and youth president.

He and his wife, Esther, have seven children. They live in the heart of Kinshasa’s slums where he pastors a young congregation: New Covenant Mennonite Church.

Since 2011, Robert has also served as the youth leader for the CMCo community. He travels among some 800 congregations speaking to youth and organizing Bible camps.

In addition to his job as an insurance agent, he heads up the prayer ministry for the National Prayer Breakfast (counter part to the NPB in Washington, D.C.)

Regarding the Leadership Support Network, Robert said, “Our Network seeks to walk with CMCo pastors to achieve their personal goals and enable the church to move forward. The impact of this will be to raise the love quotient in the entire Mennonite community and increase the trust and support among leaders.”

Pray for Robert and the coaching team. As they manage their jobs and their ministries, they must also care for their marriage and family.

Special Opportunity

1622159_10153706826209473_1476683176539112150_nCharles Buller (left) of the Congo Leadership Support Network has invited Leonard Kiswangi (right), a partner in ministry from the Congo, to speak at Silverwood Mennonite Church, Goshen on Sunday, January 31st at 6:00 p.m.

Leonard has been instrumental in helping to get the Leadership Coaching Network off the ground.The Congo Leadership Support Network’s goal is to provide support to hundreds of pastors in the Congo who currently lack the ministry and marriage resources they need to be able to thrive for the long haul.

In order to travel, Leonard needed to obtain his travel visa. This is no small feat in Congo. Leonard described how God intervened.

Leonard was in the waiting room with many of the country’s dignitaries – some of whom were receiving visas and some who were not. When his name was called, the interviewer was only excited about what this trip would mean for Leonard and gave him the ‘green light’ without a hitch or a grilling. Leonard saw it as the clear favor of God.

Mr. Kiswangi’s English is easy to understand, and his style exceptionally personable and refreshing.  For those unable to join the meeting in person, go to, click ‘watch’ and type in “Charles & Leonard” in the search option. Or you can simply click here:  If that fails to take you to the appropriate page then type the web address into your browser’s search bar at the time and date given.

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Leadership Support Network Newsletter 2014-15

My apologies to you, our Hope4Congo readers, I am late with this week’s post. I’ve been struggling with a cold and my brain is in a fog. Plus I’ve had technical problems with my computer–more about that in a future post.

The usual posting day for this website is on Thursdays. Recently there have been additional items to include on our website. Therefore I’ve posted twice / week, on Tuesdays as well as Thursdays. That won’t always happen.

The Cong10682407_10152627774139473_4340179845760257057_oo Leadership Support Network has had a productive year. Charles Buller recently published a One Year Review Newsletter. Here are a few highlights or as Charles aptly wrote, God Signs:

In September 2014 AIMM made room in their limited office space for Charles to begin the vision for the Leadership11246263_10153183593794473_1733209414427768500_n Support Network. Fund-raising and vision framing began and were successful. In November 2014, Charles met with Congolese brothers to discuss and identify core values to under gird the ministry. In March 2015 an ambitious three-week Congo visit included preaching in churches, traveling to Tshikapa with Leonard to present the vision, and a 1000 km trek with Albert across south-central Congo to visit church leaders and communities.

As you can imagine a lot of work went into translations of literature and location logistics for the seminars. Many wonderful God signs there included cooperation among other ministries in Congo. Praise God for how he organized all this through his willing servants!

All that preparation and planning led up to the two seminars this year. If you’ve been reading this website regularly you already know about the success of those. Again, we praise God that leaders 11947497_10153469823959473_4444987339093765441_nhave12022520_10153497072834473_3982604055302065183_o been equipped to go and help train other leaders.

Please pray for continued networking to train, develop, and encourage the Congolese leadership.

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Leadership Training Continues


11904748_10153467533469473_3447438446879572383_nCharles Buller and Bill Frisbie with the Congo Leadership Support Network continue their work in Kinshasa. Charles says, “Bill Frisbie’s seminar on Forming Leaders According to the Model of Jesus is going very well. We’re into day two with about 35 in attendance. ECC has generously made their chapel available to us for these five days.”

11947497_10153469823959473_4444987339093765441_n“Here’s a snapshot of the participants half-way through our first seminar focusing on Developing Leaders After the Model of Jesus. Please pray for the group as Bill Frisbie teaches through Friday (September 4),” Charles says.

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Congo News

Charles Buller of the Congo Leadership Support Network is on his way to Congo for three weeks. At least two miracles reported thus far:

  1. Even though his Congo visa was delayed amazing progress occurred. The Congo embassy received, issued, and returned his passport in one day. That had to be God’s intervention.
  2. Thanks to free wifi Charles was able to skype with Leonard in Kinshasa. Leonard got a team together in Congo to pray for Charles and their plans. This was another miracle since the prayer partners are dispersed throughout the city.11951289_10153451217359473_6601374479789068483_n

More details are available on the Congo Leadership Support Network’s facebook page. If you’re interested in news about this ministry send them a friend request.

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