Meet Robert Irundu

The following edited excerpts are taken from Charles Buller’s Congo Leadership Support Network December 2015 newsletter.

Robert Irundu is the youngest member of the coaching team. A passionate leader, he plays a significant role in the life of the Mennonite Community (CMCo) as pastor, community organizer, businessman, and youth president.

He and his wife, Esther, have seven children. They live in the heart of Kinshasa’s slums where he pastors a young congregation: New Covenant Mennonite Church.

Since 2011, Robert has also served as the youth leader for the CMCo community. He travels among some 800 congregations speaking to youth and organizing Bible camps.

In addition to his job as an insurance agent, he heads up the prayer ministry for the National Prayer Breakfast (counter part to the NPB in Washington, D.C.)

Regarding the Leadership Support Network, Robert said, “Our Network seeks to walk with CMCo pastors to achieve their personal goals and enable the church to move forward. The impact of this will be to raise the love quotient in the entire Mennonite community and increase the trust and support among leaders.”

Pray for Robert and the coaching team. As they manage their jobs and their ministries, they must also care for their marriage and family.

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