Dale has Malaria; Fred Continues Drilling

Dale on the left, Fred in the background

Dale has been our source of updates due to his internet connection. Since Dale is back home now this is the last photo we have to share at this time.

Unfortunately, Dale has come down with malaria. It will take several days for him to recover. Please pray for him to feel better soon.

Fred is still in Congo. He reports they drilled down about eighty feet on the second well, but they had to abandon the first hole because it went crooked and collapsed at the bottom.

They have found water again, but we haven’t heard anymore from Fred at this point.

Please continue to pray for a successful well and that Dale will recover quickly.

And as always, please follow us so you’ll keep up with the news from Congo.


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Saturday Afternoon Off

Gravel from underground river

Dale writes: It is Saturday afternoon. We stopped drilling and took the afternoon off. We praise the Lord that we reached small gravel stones. This shows me that the underground river is close. I pray that we’ll reach water on Monday.

God is to get all the Glory.

An afternoon off.

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Water and a Bomb

Dale writes: Ready to start another day. Just heard that a bomb went off in Dibumba last night. We’ll proceed with caution and await more news.

Starting the hole with a post hole digger.

Dale continues: Just found out details about the bomb. Last night a lady with a baby was cooking over a small fire. An unexploded landmine from years ago went off wounding her and her baby. They have taken her to the hospital. We pray to God that she and her baby heal.

We’ve gone a total of 60 feet down. Hope and pray to hit water tomorrow.

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Searching for Water

Moving drilling equipment to a new site.

Dale Beverly and Fred Suter made the trip to Congo this year. The purpose of the trip is to drill wells for safe drinking water.

Dale writes: We searched for underground water, but didn’t find anything. So we went across the Tshikapa River to another village that needs good clean drinking water. Found a large underground river that we can drill into. Will move drill equipment there tomorrow. It will take all day to move and get set up.

Setting up equipment.

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