Holding Forth Hope

We recently received the latest Africa Leadership Coaching Network newsletter. In it, Charles Buller invited ministry members (including collaboration partners like Hope4Congo) to share insights into how God is using the current pandemic’s disruption.

Andre and Mbombo Kalenga (our co-workers at Njoka Punda, who are currently quarantined in Kinshasa) shared the following:

“I never imagined that one day in virtually the whole world, schools, churches, national borders, planes, economic markets, and even all the big soccer championships would be shut down by this terrible social massacre [of Covid-19]. We meet God among those around us every day, and we share [Christ] perhaps more than ever before.

“A lot of people are becoming interested in God even if this time is presenting tremendous challenges for them. We are all limited before this situation, and so we must all fix our eyes on Christ for the answers we seek.”

Did you catch that?

In the midst of this pandemic:

They are sharing Christ, perhaps more than ever before.

A quarantine can NOT stop God’s activities, nor our prayers. Ministry continues as we each look for ways to share Christ in our daily lives. It is possible to have a conversation from six feet away, through a phone call or via the internet.

Once the quarantines are lifted, projects that were paused will again be pursued and fresh work considered if we have the resources to move forward.

Please pray and consider how you may support our ongoing efforts here at Hope4Congo and through other ministries of the collaboration team.

It is clear that neither height nor depth nor Covid-19 can stop the love of Christ from going forth.

To quote Charles’ latest letter:
“All the best to you . . . as you . . . hold forth hope to those around you.

© 2020 Hope4Congo

God Still Rules

If you’ve been following our prayer requests, you know that Stan and Brad had hoped and planned to go to Congo in July for two events: Daniel’s graduation from the Christian University of Kinshasa (UCKin) Theological School and the Youth Evangelism Training conference. Unfortunately the visas did not arrive from Congo.

Although we are disappointed Stan and Brad will not be able to attend, we know God still rules. His thoughts and ways are higher than ours. We can trust He knows what is best and we rest in that knowledge.

We praise God that Dr. David received his visa. He was able to attend Daniel’s presentation of his thesis paper. Left to right in the featured photo above are Daniel’s supporters: Kalenga, Dr. David, Daniel, and Pastor Damien.

Photo below left shows Daniel as he successfully defended his thesis. The university committee who heard and judged Daniel’s presentation and paper are shown in the photo below right.








Daniel Graduates July 30th
Praise God for helping Daniel. Daniel has worked hard with good results. He will graduate July 30, 2016.

Youth Evangelism Training Conference
Since Dr. David arrived in Congo safely this past Friday, the Youth Evangelism training will go forward. The training sessions begin this weekend after Daniel’s graduation. The team hopes 200 young people will attend.

Included on the organization team are: The President of the Mennonite Youth of Kinshasa; André Kalenga, V.P. of the Mennonite Youth of Kinshasa; Alfreud Kabangi, Secretary; Dr. David Ishingu, Organizer; and Pastor Damien Kakhenda. The team members began their planning July 25th (and continue to do so) for the evangelism meetings beginning this weekend.

H4C.Dr.Daivd.Youth#4Themes being developed for the event by the team:
1. Church and Peace
2. Type of leaders needed for the church of tomorrow
3. Role of women in the development of the church
4. Problem of drugs and sexually transmitted diseases among youth
5. Youth and Mission
6. Choice of a good marriage partner

Time at the conference will include prayer, worship, and preaching. 

Prayer Requests:
• Pray for wisdom for the organization committee
• Pray for all details to come together for this Youth Evangelism Conference
• Pray that God will bring the youth He wants to hear His messages
• Pray for God’s chosen leaders to hear His call and lead His youth in Congo
• Pray that Daniel’s graduation is a blessed time for him (He has worked hard for this moment)

Please praise God with us and continue to pray for these requests. God will accomplish what He desires and achieve the purposes for which He sent His word. May He be glorified through all these people and the evangelism training.

© 2016 Hope4Congo

Kalenga’s Testimony

Left to Right: Stan, Kalenga, Brad

Kalenga Andre was born at Ndjoko Punda in 1980. He went to both primary and secondary schools there. The following is his translated testimony edited for clarity:

In 1993 when I was thirteen years old I was baptized. My father died that same year (a rough time for me). From my baptism onward, my desire has been to serve God. I sang in the choir for two years beginning in 1994. After that I was elected Chorale Leader and served in that role for two additional years.

Mbombo Anne and I were married in 2002. My wife and I have six children, 3 boys and 3 girls.

I was devoted to my church at Ndjoko Punda and became a deacon in 2004. When Dr. David arrived to mentor the youth in Ndjoko Punda, I worked with him and was elected to be the President of the youth in our church. I also served as a steward at the hospital. So I had the opportunity to work closely with Dr. David in both capacities.

Stan and Brad Graber along with Fred Suter came to work on the Congo Water Project. It was my privilege to work as their Director here in Congo.

My heart’s attention is drawn to advance the good work of evangelization and develop our Congolese youth. I have been preparing toward implementing this desire through my studies. The reason I came to study in Kinshasa is because of my desire to know the mind of Christ and to share this knowledge with others.

History has proven through the work of the Congo Inland Mission in Ndjoko Punda (originally the area/district called Charlesville) and the American Mennonite Church that when the Good News is preached it will bear fruit. We are summoned to continue this legacy.

If Christians are awakened intellectually to study their Bibles they will see God’s Word provides the best way to live. I hope to raise awareness among the Christians in Ndjoko Punda in particular and in the larger district community in general.

Thank you Kalenga. It warms our hearts to read of your service from a young age and of your continued desire for growth. May God richly bless your studies and fulfill His desires for your ministry. May He also bless and protect your family.
Regarding future testimonies: We have been awaiting the arrival of Joseph’s testimony, another young man we’ve helped to support. However, we recently received word that he has been sick. Please join us in praying for Joseph’s recovery.

© 2016 Hope4Congo