CLCN, Participant Photo #4

Frere Lukombo Lunga Andre, Youth Leader

Please add this young man to your photo prayer wall. He is another March 2016 Seminar Participant: FRERE LUKOMBO LUNGA ANDRE (youth leader at Mukedi)

He sat right up front at every seminar session. It was obvious that the youth respected him both as a choral leader in the worship, as well as out on the soccer field.

He needs resources!!! As happens so often, he is another leader without resources. The seminar is so important for these young leaders.

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CLCN, Participant Photo #3

M & Mdm Diacre Munganga
M & Mme Diacre Munganga

As you see the photos of these dear African brothers and sisters, please pray for their safety and ministry. You might make a photo prayer wall since you’ll be receiving more of these photos in the coming weeks.

The image above is of participants from the March 2016 Seminar: M. & Mme Diacre Munganga.

Don & Naomi Unruh said that Diacre Munganga was their gardener for many years at Mukedi. He kept them supplied with vegetables. He is also an excellent livestock husbandman. Through him they learned many insights into the culture of the Phende People, and also the ins and outs of the politics of the Mukedi Church.

Don said, “They call him Diacre, but really he is ANCIEN (Elder One).”

Prayer Request for Other African Christians:
Nigerian Christians continue to experience horrific persecution. Please continue to pray for them. If they’re not already on your prayer list, please put them on.

A Nigerian pastor who has lost his daughter and home to Boko Haram had this to say to prayer warriors: “Definitely, I am telling you, it is by your prayer, with the power of your prayer that we are surviving.”

Pray on.

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