Summary of Congo 2015

Fred has returned safely home. Dale returned three weeks earlier. It’s time for a summary of this year’s trip to the Congo.

As reported earlier, Dale and Fred along with their drilling crew were disappointed that they were unable to successfully dig a well. Although two attempts were made and they did strike water, both wells collapsed. This is a problem that needs to be investigated further with the company that engineered the equipment. Pray for wisdom and a solution to this problem.

Fred and the potential new businessmen

Before Fred left the Congo, he and his crew were able to attach rainwater collection systems to four houses. Using roofing tin, the team devised guttering to carry the water through a downspout into thirty gallon plastic containers. These containers, readily available in the Congo, make fine water reservoirs. The system should work quite well during the approaching rainy season.

Pray for the success of the collection systems on these homes. The Congolese have never tried to collect rainwater before. If the Congolese people see these reservoirs as effective, they will be more willing to utilize this method to provide safe drinking water for their families. This could be such a wonderful solution for these dear people since they have a plentiful supply of rainwater.

Pray also for the Congolese crew members who learned how to create and install these rainwater collection systems. This could be a fine business venture for these men, a much-needed source of income for them and their families.

Candid shot, Dale on left, Fred on right

Finally, we here at Hope 4 Congo are so grateful for the work of Fred and Dale. They were not only willing to go, but joyful for the opportunity. Dale developed malaria upon his return home. Fred contracted malaria while in Congo and was quite ill for a few days. Please pray for the full recovery of both men.

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