An Artist Must Create

thumb_DSC06388_1024thumb_DSC06389_1024My husband’s family recently moved their elderly aunt, Elda Hiebert into a rest home. Aunt Elda was a missionary midwife to Congo for 20+ years. The auction of her worldly possessions occurred this week.

Among her collection of African mementos were these beautiful collages of parrots and an African woman. Look closely. Do you see what they’re made of? Butterfly wings.

An artist must find a way to create. thumb_DSC06391_1024It doesn’t matter that there isn’t any paint, pencils, or colored chalk, they’ll improvise to express themselves somehow.

I’m not advocating chasing down butterflies, but I must admire their creativity with what they possess. They found a way to use their talents to earn money legitimately and feed their families.

©2015 Hope4Congo

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