Congo Leadership Support Network, Week 3

12022520_10153497072834473_3982604055302065183_oHere are a few more photos from the work of the Congo Leadership Support Network. Charles Buller 11987192_10153483621794473_5803144854275168977_nreports that Adam and Bill left on Sunday after all of them were able to participate in worship at a protestant church in Kinshasa. They all shared a Congolese meal that was “to die for” before they left. (Anybody jealous?)

11999010_10153496998089473_534473538574673443_nCharles is thankful to report that the pace of meetings have slowed, but important work is still being done. They have planned the next steps as they move toward putting the Leadership Coaching Network in place. May their plans succeed to make meaningful contributions to the lives of leaders.12002252_10153483622234473_6183182241427902953_n





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