New Year Hopes for Congo Leadership Support Network

In an effort to keep you informed of what other ministries are doing in the Congo, we provide the following excerpts from Charles Buller’s newsletter sent December 2015. These items have been edited for clarity on our website:

With the new year comes the challenge of growing and stabilizing a support base to sustain this ministry into its next phase that will invariably involve more program costs and more trans-Atlantic trips.

Charles continues to be responsible for raising 100% of his support for the work, and takes very seriously the challenge of good stewardship regarding the assistance provided by his supporters–whether through prayers or finances.

Please consider continuing your support or even possibly upping it for 2016. Whether or not you can give, your prayers are an invaluable gift and Charles plans to keep his supporters informed in the year to come.

Send your financial gifts for Charles and the Congo Leadership Support Network, to: AIMM


We praise and thank God for the miraculous healing of Damien and Sylvie. You may remember that they were viciously attacked by thugs the weekend after Charles left Congo in September 2015.

Damien suffered a fractured skull from a machete blow. It cut through to his brain. Sylvie was also roughed up. All their belongings were stolen.

Because of the generous gifts and prayers of many, they have received excellent medical care and a quiet place to rest and recover.

Charles reported in December that Damien was able to join their team conference call for the first time since the attack. Thank you, God!


Charles continues to have frequent contact with the Congo coaching team and with the CMCo administration regarding a series of leadership seminars with coaching to follow. The team is now practicing what it plans to preach (peer coaching). They are concurrently translating remaining sections of Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus into French.

The goal is to create an extensive manual to guide the first round of seminars and two years of follow-up coaching.

Pray for a solid seminar launch!
Early this year (2016) they hope to offer the first of three seminars in each of the 11 provinces of the Communaute’ Mennonite au Congo. Requests have been received to that end.

Now comes the hard part of coordinating expectations, schedules, registrations, transportation, food and lodging as well as many other details.

In Congo, there is no simple one way to do this. The Network welcomes your prayers for grace and understanding as they find their way in this faith venture.

Here are specific prayer focuses:
*Good communication and understanding with CMCo Vice-President Birakara Joly. He will serve as a vital link in planning and coordinating with the provinces.
*Wisdom to pace and organize the seminars–the goal is to minimize costs and schedule with respect to team members’ other full-time jobs/ministries.
*Provision and support for pastoral leaders to cover their costs of transportation, food, and lodging.
*Spiritual expectation! Pray for an openness to what God is doing and to the changes this new work might entail.

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