Daniel’s Testimony

The past two weeks you heard from Brad about Hope4Congo’s goal to multiply the ministry through the discipling and training of Congolese youth. Today we’ll introduce you to the first of these young people we’ve been supporting. His photo is below followed by his testimony.
IMG_2118My name is Daniel Ngalamulume. I was born at Ndjoko Punda, the historic first Mennonite mission in Congo where I spent my childhood. I completed my primary and secondary studies there. My father was a deacon in the local Mennonite church. I was orphaned when both my parents died. My life became very difficult as I was practically rejected by my paternal family.

I was a chorister in an independent evangelical choir, but I still was not converted. I led a life of debauchery, drugs, and delinquency.

Thankfully, Dr. David Ishingu Matala arrived to be the doctor and director of the General Hospital at Ndjoko Punda. At that time the local Mennonite church there was failing.

Dr. David initiated an evangelical movement through Youth for Christ of our Mennonite church in North Kasai near Ndjoko Punda station. Through his teaching, guidance, preaching, and leadership, I decided to give my life to the Lord Jesus Christ and I was baptized at the Mennonite church. I made the decision to serve my God for my whole life.

After my conversion Dr. David recruited me to be a leader of the youth group he had established. I was responsible for evangelism within the youth ministry. During my time of leadership the doctor helped me see I had a gift and call to pastoral service.

My activities at Ndjoko Punda included two Bible camps and many evangelization campaigns among the youth. These different projects were supported by our coach (Dr. David) and by the Graber brothers.

After four years of service to the Lord as a youth, Dr. David decided to take me with him to Kinshasa to look for ways and means for me to pursue university studies. We were confronted with various difficulties: financial and logistical. None of this was easy to overcome. Spiritual warfare was especially strong against Dr. David. This also made it very difficult for me, but the doctor stood by me. He continued to help me and the difficulties were finally cleared away for me to attend university.

I give thanks to my God for touching the hearts of our Christian brothers, Stan Graber and Brad Graber. The Graber Missionary family once lived at Ndjoko Punda station. Their sons, Stan and Brad, in agreement with our coach, Dr. David came alongside to help and support me in my studies. They benefited me and other youth morally, spiritually, and financially.

The Graber brothers supported many projects for the whole Mennonite Church in general by providing Bibles and Song Books. They supported the Ndjoko Punda station in particular through the water project, and by providing the hospital with much-needed new equipment and supplies.

My desire is to finish strong my final year of university. There is much to memorize this year and it is difficult for me. I would appreciate prayers for my memory skills.

Version 2
Dr. David Ishingu Matala

When I graduate my prayer is that God, Stan, Brad, and Dr. David will be present.

After university I wish to get married before entering my professional life. This would be the best way to minister and would be more acceptable in the community.

My primary goal for my professional life is to work with youth through evangelism and coaching. All of my training: through Youth for Christ, through university theological studies, and through the missionary team led by Charles Buller has prepared me for this moment.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

©2016 Hope4Congo


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