Congo Trip & Collaboration Meetings

Last week we told you that Stan received his visa. He left for Congo yesterday and will arrive tonight. This will be a short trip packed with activity.
Objectives for this trip

• Deliver bicycle parts for the Bamboo Bike Project near Niyanga
• Meet with a core group to prioritize activities
• Attend the Youth Forum on Friday, August 12
• Attend Church Service Sunday
• Evaluate projects, focus on Ndjoko Punda’s community
• Consider next potential candidate to sponsor
• Evaluate Sewing Project and discuss other potential projects for women
(A generous donor has given money specifically to aid women in Ndjoko Punda)

Prayer Requests
• Pray for safety as Stan, Dr. David and the core group travel around Congo.
• Pray for wisdom regarding the next student candidate to sponsor
• Pray for wisdom as they evaluate various projects
• Pray God reveals which projects are most viable at this time
• Pray for Stan’s safe return next week

This Saturday, Brad will lead a Congo Collaboration meeting in Goshen, Indiana. These various ministries oversee independent work, but they work together to multiply their efforts.
Collaboration Ministries
• Bible Program
• Scholarship Support for Students
• Water Project
• Bamboo Bike Project
• Medical Ministry
• Sports Ministry
• Day Spring Organization (works in the Kamyala area)
Meeting Objectives
1) Report and update each other on individual ministries
2) Support and encourage one another
3) Work together to facilitate projects

Items for Prayer
Praises for God’s leading:
• God has grown the ministry to include more workers
• God has expanded our network of contacts with Congolese leaders
• God has added people interested and involved with the ministry
Prayer Requests:
• Please pray that God would continue to open up additional opportunities
where our collaborators can come alongside to facilitate
and expand different ministries in Congo.
• Pray God will lead us to more good leadership contacts in Congo

Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated.
© 2016 Hope4Congo

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