Youth Forum, August 2016

L to R Driver, Dr. David & Stan (Kalenga behind camera)
L to R Driver, Dr. David & Stan (Kalenga behind camera)

Stan arrived safely. All flights were on time and he even got his bags! Praise the Lord! Dr. David and Kalenga met him at the door of the airport. God put him in good hands. What a joyous reunion they had after three years.

They rented a car with a driver. It all made Stan feel pretty spoiled.

As always the ride through Kinshasa was harrowing. Picture streets crowded with people, cars, trucks, and motorcycles all jostling for position only six inches apart. Homemade two-wheeled pushcarts packed sidewalks, curbs, and streets. Small sales tables, chairs, and umbrellas haphazardly arranged added to the chaos.

Horns honked and loud music pounded constantly. At night it will only get worse.

Youth Forum Speakers
Youth Forum Speakers

The Youth Forum was held at the Kimia Mennonite Church led by their wonderful pastor, Damien Kakhende. He is a talented and committed leader with high integrity.

Pastor Damien bears a dent and scar on top of his head, the result of being beaten and robbed last year. Many of you prayed for him and his wife. He sent his thanks for those prayers.

The forum began with a long sermon. Dr. David and others gave speeches. Stan spoke 5-10 minutes in Tshiluba. Dr. David translated into Lingala and French. Most people speak two or more languages. Dr. David obviously speaks more; he even speaks Portuguese.

Dr. Balutaa Beatrice spoke about AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. Afterwards a skit was performed about the affects of AIDS on young lives and families.

Pastor Matio (Mathew), President of the Mennonite churches in Kinshasa, spoke and testimonies were shared as well.

Stan said what a great pleasure it was to be there, see their enthusiasm and love for God. It was a witness and challenge to him.

Bottled pop and bread were provided for everyone. Simple treats we take for granted here.

Passing out Snacks
Passing out Snacks

At one point the power went out, but that was no problem. Joseph (one of the students Hope4Congo supported while he trained in mechanics) started a generator outside. He also played keyboard and worked on the sound system when it had trouble. What a guy!

How pleased we are to see evidence that our ministry efforts are bearing good fruit. Your support through your prayers and finances are helping to make it all possible.

We praise and thank God for what He has done and is doing.
Please continue to pray that these Congolese young people will make wise choices for their lives.

Join us for more about Stan’s trip next week.

© 2016 Hope4Congo

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