August CLCN Newsletter

CLCN.Mulamba.CouplePraise Report
We recently asked you to pray for Albert and Abertine Mulamba. (Click this link to refresh your memory, Look at prayer request #2.) They took an arduous journey to explore church-planting possibilities among the Batwa people. If you’ve been praying for them like I have, you’ll appreciate this update.

Charles Buller was able to speak briefly by phone with Albert. The Mulambas, along with a Mennonite church leader from Kakenge identified two villages where they were received and invited to plant a community of faith. Much work is ahead, but this is very encouraging.

Below are some excerpts from the Congo Leadership Coaching Network August, 2016 newsletter. After a three month delay Charles Buller was grateful to retrieve his passport recently. Charles and three others from his church plan a September trip to Congo.

Charles wrote:
As you may recall, my anticipated trip to Congo in June/July was put on hold given a sudden decision by the Congo government to implement a new and complicated visa application process requiring a government-recognized office in the DRC to issue an invitation with various payments, validations and verifications from numerous government offices. (If that sentence sounded long and convoluted, it reflects the reality of the situation.) All of this has been required to precede any visa application process with the Washington D.C. embassy.
Thanks to the ECC (the umbrella organization for all protestant churches in Congo), a process was implemented on our behalf that has now led to the necessary authorizations that permit us to finalize the applications on this end.

Prayer Requests
1. Please continue to pray about the tenuous political situation in Congo. Pray that cooler heads will prevail. Congo.Land.FLAGPray for God’s peace.
2. Pray for all the details surrounding Congo Leadership Coaching Network’s proposed September trip.
3. Praise for God granting the Mulambas success in the beginning steps of their church planting work. Continue to pray for them as they make the perilous return trip to Tshikapa (at least a four day journey). They’ll also stop for other ministry along the way.

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