Hope4Congo October Trip

and by Brad GraberHope4Congo will return to Congo this October 8 –18, 2017. Our objectives are two-fold.

First Objective – Kandale Restoration
Many of you will remember that rebels took missionaries captive at the Kandale Mission Station (Bandundu province) during the Kwilu rebellion in 1964. All the buildings were burned and destroyed. Our parents, Harold and Gladys Graber and our youngest sister, Jeannette were among the captive missionaries.

The community of Kandale has been divided by those events that took place over fifty years ago. Colette Ramm, whose home community is Kandale, has been working through an organization called REVE Kandale. REVE Kandale and the community have built schools. They’ve planted over 3,000 trees to restore lost fruit trees and overcome past neglect through re-forestation.

Ms. Ramm extended an invitation to AIMM, Hope4Congo, and the Congolese Mennonite Church to join with REVE Kandale this October to bring spiritual restoration and renewal to Kandale. As a delegation the four groups together hope to help the community put the past behind and build for the future.

Long-term goals include physical rebuilding and spiritual renewal of the community. We wish to help the next generation overcome the cycle of poverty and the bondage poverty creates.

Second Objective – Nehemiah Project
We will meet with our partners in Congo who will be working with us on the Nehemiah Project. Congo Inland Mission, now known as AIMM has had an ongoing relationship with eight communities in Congo for the past 100 plus years.

Because of this long-term relationship with our brothers and sisters in Christ, Hope4Congo desires to help by providing tools and resources to support communities in their rebuilding efforts.

This is a new initiative for Hope4Congo that will require long-term participation from many contributors. We wish to play a role in lifting entire communities in these areas:
• Health through Medical Resources and Safe Drinking Water
• Education and Overall Training
• Commercial Industry
• Micro Banking
• Leadership Development
• Evangelism
• Raise Standard of Living to create Broad-based Stability

Hope4Congo needs churches and/or individuals who will step forward to provide ongoing financial support for the Nehemiah Project. Please consider how you can support this ministry.

If you desire to donate, please send your donations to:
AIMM, P.O. Box 744, Goshen, Indiana 46527-0744.
Designate your donation as: Hope4Congo Nehemiah Project.

Prayer Requests:
• Please pray for travel safety. Our trip is scheduled for October 8 – 18, 2017.
• We are excited to be a part of the delegation to Kandale and ask for your prayers. May God’s name be honored and lifted up.
• Please pray for the Nehemiah Project, which will minister to eight historic communities.
• Pray for our collaboration team members.
• Pray for financial partners for this exciting new opportunity.

©Hope4Congo 2017

3 thoughts on “Hope4Congo October Trip

  1. Thank you for your efforts for Kandale, Brad. I was there just weeks before the Jeunesse attack when we were enroute to Mukedi where I began to take grade 3 with Jeanette Buller before we were evacuated. I remember our visit to Kandale and concerns about the Jeunesse so clearly and am happy you included me on FaceBook re your Nehemiah Project. May I have permission to use one of these images in my memoir and credit you for the photo? Thank you (faithleap7@gmail.com)

    1. Faith,

      You certainly are welcome to use any of the images we have posted. Our visit to Kandale in 2017 will always be a memory. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there. Charity was with us on that trip. God continues to supply for the Nehemiah projects.

      Working Together for His Kingdom,

      Brad Graber

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