Core Group

Our Hope4Congo core group. Left to Right: Brad and Stan; Dr. David, Daniel, Naomi, Joseph and his girl friend Ruth; Mbombo and her husband Kalenga.

We were able to spend part of our first day with Dr. David and these students whom we support at the University. They will participate in our Nehemiah project.

Meeting at Colette’s.


Today we began a two-day trip to Kandale, a caravan of five vehicles.


Thank you, Brad and Stan.

We will provide more photos in the coming days as Stan and Brad are able to send them.


Please uphold all of the team members in prayer:

May they have safety in all their travels.
May their ministry be joyous.
May they form healthy relationships.
May there be peace.
And above all, may God be praised throughout all their activities.

© 2017 Hope4Congo


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