Water and a Bomb

Dale writes: Ready to start another day. Just heard that a bomb went off in Dibumba last night. We’ll proceed with caution and await more news.

Starting the hole with a post hole digger.

Dale continues: Just found out details about the bomb. Last night a lady with a baby was cooking over a small fire. An unexploded landmine from years ago went off wounding her and her baby. They have taken her to the hospital. We pray to God that she and her baby heal.

We’ve gone a total of 60 feet down. Hope and pray to hit water tomorrow.

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Searching for Water

Moving drilling equipment to a new site.

Dale Beverly and Fred Suter made the trip to Congo this year. The purpose of the trip is to drill wells for safe drinking water.

Dale writes: We searched for underground water, but didn’t find anything. So we went across the Tshikapa River to another village that needs good clean drinking water. Found a large underground river that we can drill into. Will move drill equipment there tomorrow. It will take all day to move and get set up.

Setting up equipment.

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God Cuts Some Red Tape

We’re reminded again how important flexibility is when traveling in Congo.

All the police want money since they’re not paid well (if at all) by the government. So they expect to be paid by travelers, especially westerners.

When Dale and Fred got off the plane in the small airport the police took their passports and sent them walking through the bush to the Provincial Commissioner’s office (approximately 3 miles).
They were escorted by the police because they thought Dale was a businessman. The church officials arrived. They explained that Dale and Fred are volunteers helping to put in a water supply.

The Provincial Commissioner saw that Dale came from Tanzania and that he speaks Swahili. They had a conversation about home and people. The PC let them go and told them to have a good time. He returned their passports. They parted good friends. What a relief!

God is soooooo good. Even though Dale’s Swahili isn’t very good at all, God put all the right words in his mouth. Fred wasn’t spoken to at all and doesn’t know Swahili. God obviously had that PC from Tanzania in that location for a reason.

Dale said that he felt like Paul before King Agrippa. Only praise God, neither of these men were in chains.

Dale and Fred made it to the village church conference center, home for the next 3 weeks for Dale. Fred will be staying longer. The village mamas made their food: Ugali ya muhogo and stew. Dale loves it.

They spent the evening sitting outside enjoying the sounds of village life. No traces of water underground yet.They’ll check other places.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos of the village welder. Have welder will travel–rather ingenious contraption–a homemade welder on a homemade cart.

Have welder, will travel

This man makes his living traveling from place to place with his welder. As we’ve mentioned before, bicycles are extremely important in Congo. Here the welder is repairing someone’s bicycle.




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2015 Congo Trip

In Africa plans are always subject to change. It requires flexibility. This blog was scheduled to be shortened for the summer months. However, things are happening that require us to post here twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next several weeks. Be sure to check back as things are busy for our ministry in Congo right now. Your prayers are very much appreciated.

Stan was sick earlier this year. His doctor recommended that he not make the trip to Congo this time. Dale Beverly took his place. Dale is a veteran missionary from Kenya, but was born and raised in Tanzania.

Dale and Fred Suter are working on a water project at Tshikapa right now. Your prayers are requested for them to successfully dig wells for the people.

The following information is taken from Dale’s notes to Stan.May 16 at 11:50
Am on plane. Adventure here we come.
Am in Paris to pick up more people. Then on to Addis.IMG_2951
Am in Kinshasa. Just arrived. They lost my 2 big suitcases.
Been to church and everywhere. Will send photos.
Am on taxi now, music blaring and crammed.
Can’t get any word on luggage.
Going to Tshikapa
Am waiting for taxi to small airport with Fred.
Am traveling light. Ha Ha.
Am ready for a wonderful adventure today with my Lord.
God bless,

That’s Dale in the land rover hat in the photo on the right. Looks like he found some clothes to purchase and help the local economy.

Fred Suter writes:
Both of us (Fred and Dale) purchased clothes in the local market. One of my suitcases is still in Kinshasa.I hope to have it later this week. We are talking with people about where to drill the next well. In the meantime, the pineapples and mangoes are outstanding.

We’ll post more on Thursday. Follow us so you won’t miss a single photo or story.

The “new” used pants needed some adjustments.

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