Targeted and Terrorized

I subscribe to Open Doors’ Persecution Watch. In their Jan/Feb Presence magazine they reported the following:

The church in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is grieving. Believers in the eastern part of the country have been repeatedly targeted by the Islamic extremist group Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). In late 2021, Christians reported that militants attacked three villages near Komanda city, killing at least 19 Christians and displacing at least 13,000 believers. Many families are still missing loved ones.

Attackers also burned over 50 homes. The third attack reveals the brutality believers are facing. Inside a church compound, militants gathered and chained all those who were there seeking refuge from the killing. A pastor’s wife and grandchild lost their lives, and more than 50 were kidnapped. The need for refugee camps and provisions continues to grow.

PRAY for Christians in the DRC who have lost loved ones and are still searching for their family members. Ask God to strengthen these persecuted believers . . . our family.

My thanks to Open Doors for keeping believers around the world updated about our family through their Persecution Watch.

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Kasai Violence Displaces Children

DR Congo Kasai violence displaces 850,000 children

An estimated 850,000 children have been forced to flee fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Kasai provinces, the UN’s children’s agency Unicef reported in July.

This makes it one of the world’s “largest displacement crises” for children.

Many of the affected children are now in foster care or with relatives.

Fighting broke out in Kasai in August 2016 after a traditional leader was killed in clashes with security forces.

It has since escalated leaving more than 3,000 people dead. The UN has also discovered dozens of mass graves in the area.

In all, 1.4 million people have had to leave their homes “with 60,000 uprooted in June alone,” says Unicef’s acting head in DR Congo Tajudeen Oyewale.


This area is in the heart of where Hope4Congo focuses our work.

Prayer Requests:
• Please pray for an end to the violence in DRC
• Please pray for these precious children
• Please pray for the needs (physical, spiritual, emotional) of all Congolese

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More News on Congo

Please take a moment as you read this to pray for the Congolese. We recieved news that the wife of a leader in the Congo church died this past week. There are few details, but please pray for him as he grieves.

If you take the time to read through any of these articles, please use that time as an opportunity to commit those matters to God. God is bigger than Africa, and he goes deeper than the issues do.

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