Deadline Approaching

Kinshasa, 12 million citizens
Kinshasa, 12 million citizens

Thank you for your continued prayers for Congo (DRC).

Reminder: December 19th is the critical deadline.
Some political factions are determined that the president should leave office on that date. Meanwhile, the president has given his reasons for staying. Due to these different viewpoints, the city of Kinshasa (as well as other parts of the country) is tense, angry, and fearful.

Hope does exist.
A missionary reported overhearing a conversation between Congolese who were speculating on the coming deadline. One reminded the other of an incident during the 1990s. At that time a rebel army bore down on the city threatening to slaughter thousands. Christians of all denominations packed the churches. They prayed daily that God would spare the city. Although shortages of food and water caused great suffering, God mightily spared the city.

At this time a tremendous amount of prayer is also occurring. Amongst other denominations, the Mennonite youth are gathering in Kinshasa to hold a prayer rally. This is where most people feel they can positively influence the political process.

Please join your prayers to theirs.

Prayer Requests:
• Please continue to pray that God would keep the different political factions at the negotiation table.
• Pray that cooler and wiser heads would prevail.
• Pray that anger would be diffused.
• Pray for a peaceful resolution.
• Pray for the spiritual health and healing of the nation.

For Congolese, Christmas is a solemn occasion celebrated in church. In addition to that solemnity, may it be celebrated with great rejoicing this year as the Congolese see a peaceful resolution to this political conflict.

May the words of Isaiah 55:12 be fulfilled so that all may . . .
“…go out in joy and be led forth in peace….”

How will you be praying?

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