MPH Guesthouse–Urgent Need!

We received news of an urgent need from the MPH Guesthouse. Please read their letter below. Then pass on the news to anyone you think would be interested. Also, please pray and consider how you may help them in their need.

Kinshasa, April 10, 2020
Dear Friends of Congo,

Greetings from Kinshasa and MPH where things are very quiet as parts of Kinshasa have gone into lock-down for 14 days and likely more. We trust this finds all of you well in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are writing all of you with a very unusual appeal on behalf of the MPH Guest House & Conference Center! The ability of MPH to survive this crisis and pay their workers and fixed costs is being heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and by the lack of visitors and income. All of the passenger flights into and out of Kinshasa have been suspended indefinitely! MPH has no income, but does have ongoing fixed expenses that must be paid if it is to continue to exist and be able to open again when this crisis is over!

We are writing this letter to ask each of you to consider supporting MPH with a limited time financial contribution each month for the next 6 months. Without some supplemental support MPH will have to lay off staff in May and potentially close down permanently before long. MPH needs about $8,000 per month to stay operational. They need for those who have benefited from their services in the past and who plan to use them in the future to make it possible for them to stay open. Personal contributions as well as gifts from churches or other ministries will make the difference. You might know people outside our Congo circles that you could encourage to participate in helping with this urgent need as well.

At this point, MPH’s reserves and the small savings from 2019 are not enough to pull it through this pandemic, so we are asking you to help MPH. If you would like to make a one-time gift or a monthly donation to help MPH pay staff and bills through this time and enable MPH to open its’ doors when the pandemic is over, you can send a check to Appointment Congo with “MPH” in the memo. The address is PO Box 98764, Raleigh, NC 27624.

You can also use PayPal by going to our web page at: Appointment Congo is a 501 C, 3 Tax Exempt organization and has offered to channel donations to MPH without any administrative costs. You will receive tax receipts for all donations. Or, you can contact Cindy at for the information regarding how to send your gift directly to MPH.

Clay and Cindy are doing a fantastic job managing MPH through this period. We are grateful for their courageous service, but they cannot do this all alone. They need our prayers and financial support! We appreciate your love for the Congo and for your engagement with the church and partners here. Nearly all of us have benefited from MPH’s ministry and will need for it to be here in the years ahead. We pray for God’s protection and provision for all of us through this challenging time.

Paul and Marty Law
Missionaries with Appointment Congo

Please consider how you may help in this urgent need.
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March 29, 2020

Some of God’s Beloved People

Hope4Congo continues to forward reports to our readers. Today’s post includes two different perspectives.

Pastor Quarantined in Kinshasa

A Congolese pastor among the quarantined in Kinshasa sent an update via email on March 27. The following are translated excerpts from his update.

“I do not know how the States with their leaders at all levels guide you, but I would like to share with you our painful news in the DRC.

“(Authorities) have made the decision to confine the capital city of Kinshasa for 4 weeks. Let’s say near the end of April 2020. Kinshasa is in a state of emergency . . . isolated from other provinces . . . no flights of aircraft . . . no vehicles, no exits, no entrances . . . to save the 22 provinces not reached (by the coronavirus).

“Thus Kinshasa and its 12 million inhabitants are under quarantine. The big problem . . . the economic crisis which involves the non-payment of wages . . . People live day by day . . . rising food prices . ..

“The brothers and sisters in Kikwit, Mukedi, Kandale, Kamayala, Tshikapa, Kalonda, Nyanga, Mutena, Banga, Ndjoko-Punda, Kananga, Mbuji-Mayi are not affected.

“However, we are mourning 2 Mennonite brothers and 1 sister who died of a long and painful illness:
Rev. Pasteur Ndala of the CEFMC, Former Enos Kangu Swalala, and widow Maman Francoise Kanzenze (aunt sr Colette Ramm).”

MPH Guesthouse

On March 25, the Dunns updated their FB page. The following are excerpts from their message:

Things in DRC change daily and even hourly due to the pandemic. The government announced all domestic travel by plane, road and river will be stopped. Only cargo will be moving.

Because of travel restrictions three guests are stranded at MPH:
A German missionary (Fr Friedhelm, from the Vanga mission hospital, Bandundu) is in mandatory 14 day quarantine since he came back from Germany March 13th. Paul and Marty Law are on a voluntary 14 day quarantine since they arrived from the U.S. They can’t get to Lodja.

The Dunns have kept their distance from their quarantined guests by putting food on disposable plates outside their doors. Once the quarantine is over, the Dunns will ask these guests to help share the chores.

The U.S. Embassy arranged the last evacuation flight for Americans on Thursday night, March 26.

The guesthouse is adequately supplied with food stuff. But there are other challenges. Because the government has limited the number of people in taxis and busses, transport is hard to get and drivers have jacked up prices. The Dunns had to increase what they pay their sentries to reflect the increase in transport.

If the Dunns or their guests catch the virus, there is NO MEDICAL CARE for any of them. They will have to isolate themselves from one another and self-medicate the best they can.

The Dunns testify: “We know that God is Sovereign and nothing surprises him. We use the wisdom he has given us and the faith we have in HIM, to pull us through.”


The pastor quarantined in Kinshasa sent a scripture passage to edify all confined to their homes:
If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. ~II Chronicles 7:14


Praise God for his faithful servants of all nations who continue to work for the kingdom of God.
Prayer requests for all those in Congo.
• Pray that this pandemic passes quickly.
• Pray about MPH finances. The costs are hitting MPH hard.
• Pray about how you might be able to help.
• Pray for those 12 million quarantined inhabitants in Kinshasa.
• Pray that God would grant wisdom to the Congolese authorities and they would implement it.

The Dunns offer prayers for their family and friends around the globe who are affected by this virus.

The quarantined pastor also sent this prayer: “May our God also keep you, all of you, our brothers and sisters in Christ, scattered throughout the world.”


© 2020

Deadline Approaching

Kinshasa, 12 million citizens
Kinshasa, 12 million citizens

Thank you for your continued prayers for Congo (DRC).

Reminder: December 19th is the critical deadline.
Some political factions are determined that the president should leave office on that date. Meanwhile, the president has given his reasons for staying. Due to these different viewpoints, the city of Kinshasa (as well as other parts of the country) is tense, angry, and fearful.

Hope does exist.
A missionary reported overhearing a conversation between Congolese who were speculating on the coming deadline. One reminded the other of an incident during the 1990s. At that time a rebel army bore down on the city threatening to slaughter thousands. Christians of all denominations packed the churches. They prayed daily that God would spare the city. Although shortages of food and water caused great suffering, God mightily spared the city.

At this time a tremendous amount of prayer is also occurring. Amongst other denominations, the Mennonite youth are gathering in Kinshasa to hold a prayer rally. This is where most people feel they can positively influence the political process.

Please join your prayers to theirs.

Prayer Requests:
• Please continue to pray that God would keep the different political factions at the negotiation table.
• Pray that cooler and wiser heads would prevail.
• Pray that anger would be diffused.
• Pray for a peaceful resolution.
• Pray for the spiritual health and healing of the nation.

For Congolese, Christmas is a solemn occasion celebrated in church. In addition to that solemnity, may it be celebrated with great rejoicing this year as the Congolese see a peaceful resolution to this political conflict.

May the words of Isaiah 55:12 be fulfilled so that all may . . .
“…go out in joy and be led forth in peace….”

How will you be praying?

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Prayer Update

h4c-praying4congoA clash occurred between government military and anti-government factions this past weekend in Tshikapa. Relative calm has been restored, but it is an uneasy peace and still a cause for grave concern. Pray for cool heads to prevail and for the protection of any innocent people caught in the middle of this conflict.

The National Episcopal Conference of Congo (CENCO) is making a last minute effort to bring the presiding national government and the Rassemblement (literally “the Rally” – made up of a consortium of parties refusing to accept the prolongation of the president’s term) into direct talks to avert a showdown (and possible bloodbath) on December 19.

Within the next 24-48 hours the plan is to bring these two forces into direct, face-to-face negotiations, which, ironically would be a first. It appears that all other political attempts (from the national government, the opposition, the U.N., and the ONU) have failed, but all are encouraging serious engagement with this final effort at peaceful resolution.

What is exciting here, if nothing else, is that the Church – in this case largely the Catholic Church – is actually stepping into the gap to call for an alternative to violence. (The Catholic bishops of Congo have courageously refused to take sides in the disputed delay of elections in Congo.)

PLEASE PRAY for those leading these negotiations. Pray that hearts would be open to a third way!

If you find your faith faltering, it may be good to recall how the church stepped in at the last minute in South Africa offering mediation that averted a total meltdown following apartheid (when ‘the powers’ had given up all hope). I do know that our Congolese sisters and brothers of faith are praying diligently for a miracle and Divine intervention! Let’s join them.

We at Hope4Congo are asking you to continue your prayers for the people of the DRC. To give you a bit more insight into the conflict and the Catholic Church’s involvement, please use this link:

Please be in earnest fervent prayer for our precious Congolese brothers and sisters. Pray for the success of the church’s intervention. If you wish to use our prayer list from last week’s blog post please click here.

Our thanks to Charles Buller (CLCN) for these updates we’ve received.

©2016 Hope4Congo

URGENT — Prayer Request Pastor & Wife Attacked!

11224267_10153514904189473_7654882355666339991_nFrom ROD HOLLINGER-JANZEN (AIMM)
Dear Friends,

Here is an excerpt from an email message that I’ve just read, from Charity Eidse Schellenberg who is based in Kinshasa, DR Congo:

This past Sat-Sunday night our pastor, Damien Kakhenda and his wife, Sylvie Ufulielo Wayindama, were brutally attacked by the infamous Kuluna gang at 11:30 p.m. as they were going home from their daughter’s dowry negotiations. They were both beaten with machetes. Damien sustained a 10 cm. cut to the skull and lost consciousness. Sylvie has terrible internal back pain. They are in hospital. Today we were able to pay for Damien to get a CT scan. They found that he has internal bleeding in his head and a fractured skull. He will be seeing a surgeon tomorrow.

The Kuluna gang is a spillover from the violent tactics of the war in the east, and has taken root in Kinshasa in the past ten years, with the arrival of internally displaced people. They use primitive weapons like machetes and broken bottles or clubs, to maim or kill and steal. All the Kakhenda couple’s belongings were stolen. They had just been paid their salary from the Kimia church and we had contributed money for the bereaved families of 2 CMCO (Community of Mennonites in Congo) pastors: Sambi (missionary to the un-reached people on the Bateke Plateau east of Kinshasa) and Katshingu (who had replaced Damien at Tshikapa, CMCO national HQ as the head of the CMCO Board of Missions). Both pastors’ funerals were held in Kinshasa yesterday (Sunday). Damien was to officiate at Sambi’s funeral. Just a week or so ago Damien also had his briefcase stolen at an event where he was officiating, with his iPad and all his preaching library that it contained.

Please pray for the precarious condition that Damien is in and that his life will be spared. Pray also for Sylvie who is suffering. Pray that funds would come in for diagnostic tests for both of them and emergency surgery in a facility that uses best medical practices. They also need to replace their belongings and means of living that were stolen. Please pass the word around that this is an urgent opportunity to serve Christ by giving. In caring for this humble, yet powerfully effective servant leader couple in CMCO, we may be the difference between life and death. There has already been too much death of faithful spiritual leaders!

Thank God that Damien is conscious and able to speak! We long to be by their side, but have been cautioned that if white friends show up, the amounts billed will increase. We have offered them to recover in our home, once they are released from hospital, for as long as it takes.

Thank-you for your faithfulness in keeping everyone informed and for your willingness and compassion to walk alongside those who are suffering!”

If you wish to help with medical expenses for Damien and Sylvie, please send your contributions to AIMM, P.O. Box 744, Goshen, IN 46527; or in Canada, 440 Main St., Steinbach, MB R5G 1Z5. Please clearly designate on your check, Kakhenda medical expenses.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Rod Hollinger-Janzen
Executive Coordinator
Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission (AIMM)

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