Praise for Progress On the Village Drill

The Village Drill arrived at Ndjoko Punda via riverboat in March 2020. Africa time as well as delays caused by Covid 19 have slowed the progress on this endeavor.

Hope for Congo has collaborated with Go Conscious Earth in this project. Their team recently arrived at Ndjoko Punda to conduct a feasibility study and to train our team there.

Thus far the two teams have assembled the drill. The gentleman wearing the orange hat, yellow boots and blue-green shirt is our team leader, Joseph Mbuyi. (See featured photo above.)

Go Conscious Earth has successfully drilled 15+ wells in Congo’s northwestern area. Once their feasibility study has determined the possibility of drilling in Ndjoko Punda, materials will be purchased, and arrangements made for shipment to the village. Then their team will return to drill and install a solar pump.

Praises & Prayer
*Praise God for the progress toward a well in Ndjoko Punda.

*Please continue to pray that a well will be successfully drilled in God’s time.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support in this effort to bring hope to the people of Congo.

Join us next week for more praises.

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April 1, 2020

School Project

Prior to the coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine and related restrictions, we were able to accomplish some work on the school building project.

Building materials were shipped and received. Thank goodness we avoided the price increases currently experienced in the country.

It began with the arrival of bricks.





With a little help, the building began to take shape.






The roof framework is up.





The roof is almost done. More work to do.

However . . .

All our Hope4Congo projects are currently on hold.

Current Stats on Coronavirus

As of this day’s blogpost (April 1, 2020), Democratic Republic of the Congo reported 109 confirmed cases and 9 deaths. To check updates for yourself through the World Health Organization’s website, go to this link and click on the country/area of the world to see their latest statistics:

Website Change

On a far less crucial topic, we plan to update our website. We hope to make it easier to navigate. Hopefully you’ll see positive changes in the next few weeks.


• Praise that shipping materials arrived for the school building prior to the quarantine.
• Praise also that the drilling equipment (LINK) arrived safely at Ndjoko Punda.
• Please continue to pray for the people of Congo.
• Thank you for your prayers for us as we seek to update our website.

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