CLCN Participant Photo #1

M & Mme Mulebo

Charles Buller will occasionally share photos of some of the precious sisters and brothers from the recent Mukedi & Kikwit seminars (March 2016). He will share names when he has them available.

“These images attempt to upgrade and personalize what is too easily and simplistically categorized as ‘lost’ with faces and names of some beautiful people with whom we now interact – and learn from – on an ongoing basis. This photo: M & Mme Mulebo (Provincial – regional – Leader for greater Mukedi area).”

Charles recently received word that M. Mulebo has begun to take very practical steps toward the creation of a coaching culture among those to whom he gives leadership. Very encouraging!

H4C Prayer Updates:
Prayer Request #1: Please pray for Daniel (we had his testimony here on our website, see this link). He was in the hospital recently with a bad case of typhoid and malaria. Please pray for his continued recovery. He is scheduled to graduate in July. Please pray that he is able to complete his studies and preparation for ministry.

Praise the Lord: We asked you to pray for Joseph’s recovery. Praise the Lord he has recovered from the same illnesses that Daniel is recovering from. We are still awaiting his testimony and will publish it when we receive it.

Prayer Request #2: Unfortunately it is common place for these young men to become ill with typhoid due to the poor sanitation conditions. Providing clean water in Congo is one of Hope4Congo’s ongoing projects. Please pray that these Congolese people understand the importance of boiling their water. Here is the link to previous problems and solutions in H4C’s attempt last year to provide a source of healthy drinking water.

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Africa’s Problems

Meeting new people provides challenges when we encounter differing viewpoints.

Two weeks ago my husband and I took a vacation trip along America’s northwest coast. While we waited for our tour bus to arrive, I got acquainted with my fellow travelers. One couple had recently returned from a trip to Tanzania. They regaled us with stories of the wildlife they viewed from the safari tour’s land cruiser.

Another traveler spoke of his life in Congo during the upheaval of the 1960s. The talk turned to a discussion of Africa’s current political climate and poverty. The man declared, “Only Africa can solve Africa’s problems!”

“That’s an interesting perspective,” I said. I mentioned I blogged for this ministry to Congo. I summarized Fred and Dale’s Congo Trip 2015. Feeling pleased about the success with the rainwater collection system, I told them it also provided a small business opportunity for the Congolese men who were part of Fred’s team.

The man cut me off. “Humph! That won’t help. That’s not enough water.”

His tone softened when he allowed me to explain the size of the rainwater collection tanks.

Fred with a rainwater collection tank he and his son installed at the conference center in Tshikapa, Congo.

After further discussion I asked him, “So you think we’re wasting our time trying to help the Congolese. Should we just give up?”

He shrugged. “No. You should keep trying.”

The tour bus arrived and our conversation ended, but his judgment still hung in the air: “Only Africa can solve Africa’s problems.”

What do you think? I’d like to hear your opinions about this.

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