CLCN, Participant Photo #2

M & Mme Mukedi
M & Mme Mukedi

Occasionally Charles Buller is able to share images of Seminar participants from the March 2016 Coaching Seminars. Richard Mukedi serves as the Secrétaire Provincial and also was the primary organizer for CLCN’s seminar in Mukedi.

Awesome couple! And yes, their last name is also the name of where they live.

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CLCN Participant Photo #1

M & Mme Mulebo

Charles Buller will occasionally share photos of some of the precious sisters and brothers from the recent Mukedi & Kikwit seminars (March 2016). He will share names when he has them available.

“These images attempt to upgrade and personalize what is too easily and simplistically categorized as ‘lost’ with faces and names of some beautiful people with whom we now interact – and learn from – on an ongoing basis. This photo: M & Mme Mulebo (Provincial – regional – Leader for greater Mukedi area).”

Charles recently received word that M. Mulebo has begun to take very practical steps toward the creation of a coaching culture among those to whom he gives leadership. Very encouraging!

H4C Prayer Updates:
Prayer Request #1: Please pray for Daniel (we had his testimony here on our website, see this link). He was in the hospital recently with a bad case of typhoid and malaria. Please pray for his continued recovery. He is scheduled to graduate in July. Please pray that he is able to complete his studies and preparation for ministry.

Praise the Lord: We asked you to pray for Joseph’s recovery. Praise the Lord he has recovered from the same illnesses that Daniel is recovering from. We are still awaiting his testimony and will publish it when we receive it.

Prayer Request #2: Unfortunately it is common place for these young men to become ill with typhoid due to the poor sanitation conditions. Providing clean water in Congo is one of Hope4Congo’s ongoing projects. Please pray that these Congolese people understand the importance of boiling their water. Here is the link to previous problems and solutions in H4C’s attempt last year to provide a source of healthy drinking water.

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CLCN Newsletter April 2016

Today we’re featuring Congo Leadership Coaching Network’s newsletter written by Charles Buller regarding his most recent trip to Congo. Please scroll through all eight pages. Enjoy!Newsletter 2016-04 copy-1 (dragged) 1Newsletter 2016-04 page-2 (dragged)Newsletter 2016-04 page-3 (dragged)Newsletter 2016-04 page-4 (dragged)Newsletter 2016-04 page-5 (dragged)Newsletter 2016-04 page-6 (dragged)Newsletter 2016-04 page-7 (dragged)Newsletter 2016-04 page-8 (dragged)

If you wish to support the work of Congo Leadership Coaching Network with Charles Buller, please contact AIMM and designate your gift for their ministry.
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CLSN Spring Seminars 2016

Congo Leadership Support Network Coaching Team, March 2016

Charles Buller traveled to Congo for Leadership Support Network Seminars in March. After he returned safely to the U.S. at the end of March he shared these comments and photos from the seminars.

“We held the first two seminars in Mukedi & Kikwit on ‘Foundations of Transformational Leadership.’ These two photos are of the participants at both seminars. Each image is compiled from three separate images ‘stitched’ together.”

Kikwit Seminar Participants
Kikwit Seminar Participants
Mukedi Seminar Participants
Mukedi Seminar Participants
Antoinette spoke to a full house in Mukedi. Photo shows the interior of this church built by Larry Rempel.


Rev. Mundedi Berci shared her journey into leadership. Leonard Kiswangi translated into Gipende. Antoinette sat in the background.
Rev. Mundedi Berci shared her journey into leadership. Leonard Kiswangi translated into Gipende. Antoinette sat in the background.

“We were hugely pleased that many of the leaders chose to bring their wives, and even some women came on their own. In both seminars, team members Antoinette Kiswangi Kuma and Mundedi Bercie spoke on the role of women in society (veiled title for ‘women in leadership’) that nearly brought the house down (was very well received)!”

The first photo at the top of the page of the leadership coaching team was taken back in Kinshasa during their final review of the two weeks of seminars. Charles said, “What a wonderful, talented, and dedicated team!”

Prayer Requests
“Albert Mulamba began his arduous journey by motorbike back to Tshikapa following the seminars. Thank you for keeping him in your prayers. Only 4 months ago he was making his way back from a church visit when a drunk was ‘planted’ on the road to jump into the path of his motorbike to cause an accident that the village would then try to pin on Albert. While Albert was seriously wounded in the collision, the drunk was not injured at all. The trap failed. These things are the unexpected surprises that can beset a traveler in Congo DRC. Again, thanks for keeping Albert in your prayers.”

Albert Mulamba ready to ride
Albert Mulamba ready to ride

Truly this is a reminder to pray for the safety of so many Christians and all of the leaders in these photos in particular since they are targeted. Pray also that these villagers would be led to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ. May they come to see a better way to live and provide for families.

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March 2016 Report for Congo Leadership Support Network

Baking Bread for Hungry Souls

Charles Buller arrived in Congo earlier this month. He and Congolese leaders hoped to print 150 copies for the seminars. Two printers ran non-stop for hours along with other machinery to get the job done. Unfortunately they were only able to make 75 books before they ran out of toner.

Afterward he and two others took the bus from Kinshasa to Kikwit (9 hour ride). The bus was packed as evidenced in the photo. The ride went well except for the time when the bus driver with a cell phone to this ear, headed straight into oncoming traffic so he could get onto the other side of the boulevard. Size does matter when it comes to driving in Congo.

Mputu and Charles along with 75+ passengers
Mputu and Charles along with 75+ passengers

They tried sleeping overnight in the bus along with most of the other passengers, but temperatures inside soared to well over 100 degrees. They had a short night.

Charles has been able to communicate via short phone calls almost daily with family. The first seminar went very well. They appreciate everyone’s prayers. More people showed up than expected. Traditionally, mostly men attend church leadership events, but this time their spouses also attended. Having many pastoral couples attend is a breakthrough for Congo. Leonard did all of the translating. Together, he and Charles sensed the Holy Spirit leading the flow of the seminar.

Please pray for the requests on their Prayer Calendar
The Kikwit Seminar is from March 21 – 24 (Monday – Thursday evening)
March 24 – For deep hunger to engage the peer coaching process as they prepare to take the principles and practices of coaching home
March 25 – For good closure to the seminar and adequate time for the team to debrief this second seminar
March 26 – For safe travel as several team members head back by bus to Kinshasa
March 27 – Preach @ Mbanza Lemba
March 28 – March 29 – Wrap up administrative details and expectations for coaching team
March 30 – Travel back to the U.S.
March 31 – Arrive home

In addition, please pray for Charles’ health. He’s been suffering from a very bad bout of gastro-intestinal distress, which often comes with traveling.

* * *

We’ll return to the testimonies of our Congolese youth after translations are completed. Meanwhile, we need to make a correction to Naomie’s Testimony  (the previous post dated Thursday, March 17, 2016).

Naomie’s name was translated incorrectly. Her name is: Naomie Tite Kangu Kangu.
Corrections have been made to that post as of this writing.

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Meet Robert Irundu

The following edited excerpts are taken from Charles Buller’s Congo Leadership Support Network December 2015 newsletter.

Robert Irundu is the youngest member of the coaching team. A passionate leader, he plays a significant role in the life of the Mennonite Community (CMCo) as pastor, community organizer, businessman, and youth president.

He and his wife, Esther, have seven children. They live in the heart of Kinshasa’s slums where he pastors a young congregation: New Covenant Mennonite Church.

Since 2011, Robert has also served as the youth leader for the CMCo community. He travels among some 800 congregations speaking to youth and organizing Bible camps.

In addition to his job as an insurance agent, he heads up the prayer ministry for the National Prayer Breakfast (counter part to the NPB in Washington, D.C.)

Regarding the Leadership Support Network, Robert said, “Our Network seeks to walk with CMCo pastors to achieve their personal goals and enable the church to move forward. The impact of this will be to raise the love quotient in the entire Mennonite community and increase the trust and support among leaders.”

Pray for Robert and the coaching team. As they manage their jobs and their ministries, they must also care for their marriage and family.